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The mission statement is a brief description of the company and its purpose. The mission statement is basically a brief profile of the company which should essentially show a distinct picture of the organization in limited sentences. The scope of the statement is not limited; instead the statement attempts to cover the vision for the whole organization. The statement should answer the questions as to what the company is about, what it does, who are its customers, how it operates and why does it operate in a particular manner. The length of this statement is usually from one to five sentences and energy words are usually used transmit the message.

Companies do use this statement as an advertisement slogan to build relationships with the shareholders and customers; however a more common use of this statement has been to set specific strategic goals for the senior staff and employees of the company. Aside from this the mission statement is also used to resolve any differences between the business stakeholders who are essentially the shareholders, the employees, and the customers.

The first mission statement to be chosen for the purpose of this research was for an accountancy firm by the name of Brinks, Hofer, Gilson and Lione. The firm provides various financial services to the customers. The mission statement for the HR department of this company was “Our mission is to treat each person as a valued customer while contributing positively to the overall objectives of Brinks Hofer Gilson and Lione.

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We are dedicated to providing the highest level of quality services, and support in employment, training, employee relations, benefits, Compensation and safety beyond the expectations of all employees, enabling them to better serve our external customers. We do this with a commitment of attaining the highest level of personal integrity. We seek to recruit the most qualified people while recognizing and encouraging the value of diversity in the work place. We establish, administer and communicate sound policies, rules and practices that treat employees with dignity and equality while maintaining firm compliance with Local, State and Federal employment and labor laws.” (‘Human Resource Statement’, 2007)

The HR mission statement for the company does cover what services the HR department provides to the firm, how it benefits the management and how it their efforts resulting the ultimate contribution towards the company’s overall objective of providing the highest quality of service to its customers. The HR mission statement for the company however does not state how the efforts of the department help or benefit the external stakeholders, i.e., the shareholders and investors of the company. This HR statement is employee and customer oriented and does contribute towards the goals of the company itself but does not specifically depict any benefits for the stakeholders.

The second mission statement chosen for this paper is that of Wharton County Junior College. The HR department of the college states that “The Human Resources Department will serve as a strategic partner along side of WCJC's administration, faculty, and staff in supporting the mission of Wharton County Junior College. The Human Resources Department will take a leadership role in providing services that support the College by promoting the concept that our employees are our most valuable resource and will be treated as such. The Human Resources Department will act as catalysts enabling all employees to contribute at optimum levels towards the success of the college.” (‘Human Resource Department’, Wharton County Junior College)

The focus of the department emphasizes the optimal level of activity in the company to enable the productivity to increase to higher levels. The company also seeks to computerize its HR department to enable computerized monitoring and managing capability in the business. Aside from this statement also mentions that the department will follow the four key points of the company which are dignity, justice, service and excellence.

The department seeks to provide the external the employees as well as the customers of the company with respect, fair treatment, quality and high standard of performance, however as with the mission statement for the accounting firm discussed earlier this statement also does not identify how the department looks forward to help the stakeholders and provides them with benefits. An indirect link between satisfied customers, and employees and increasing profits is there but no specific point is made in regard to the investors.

The third mission statement which has been chosen for this paper is that of the HR department for The Santa Cruz City in the United States. The mission statement of the HR department for the city goes as follows: “The mission of the City of Santa Cruz Human Resources Department is to provide quality human resource services to the public and to all City departments.

As we serve, we commit to: maintaining excellence, honesty, integrity and high standards in the quality of service which we provide; giving personalized, trustworthy service, courteous assistance, patience, and compassion for any client needing our assistance or service; taking responsibility as a department and as individuals for the work we do and for the image we present as representatives of the City; working as a team to develop partnerships by continuous open communication with our internal/external clients and our co-workers; promoting personal and professional growth as well as job satisfaction for all City staff, and fostering an environment in which employees' creativity, productivity and risk taking are recognized, valued and encouraged; respecting and celebrating the diverse world in which we live and work and actively promoting diversity in our workforce;

Never forgetting to see the human side of our work, maintaining our sense of humor and valuing each other.” (‘Mission Statement’, Santa Cruz Human Resources Department) The mission statement for the Santa Cruz city covers the aspects of what the HR department for the city does for the City government. The main activities undertaken by the department are highlighted and the value provided to the employees and the customers is specifically stated in the statement.

Special attention has been paid top the work environment and how the improvements made and sustained in it help in contributing value and significance for the employees. However like the above depicted mission statements, this statement also does not cover as to how it provides benefits to the stakeholders of the company.

Conclusively it can be seen that the mission statement for HR departments is usually much longer and detailed than the mission statement of the company. Similarly, according to all the mission statements that have been explored for the purpose of this project, almost all of the mission statements do not provide information related to any advantages and steps taken for increasing the value for the shareholders.


“Human Resource Statement”, Brinks, Hofer, Gilson & Lione, (2007), accessed 25/07/2007, <http://www.brinksgilson.com/>

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