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SWOT Starbucks

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SOOT Struck

A politicized margin indicates efficient cost management or a strong pricing strategy by the company. Overall, such a rise in the operating margin under tight consumer spending reflects Starboard's focus on improving its profitability. With regard to global retail footprint, as of September 30, 2012, Struck operated a total of 18,006 stores across 60 countries comprising of 9,405 company-operated stores and 8,661 licensed stores. It expanded its global footprint by opening 398 company-operated stores and 844 licensed stores during 2012. As of September 30, 2012, Struck operated 7,857 company-operated stores in the Americas, 882 in MEME, and 666 CAP. It also opened 351, 139, and 354 licenses stores in the Americas, MEME, and CAP, respectively. For 2013, Struck plans to open new stores and remodel existing stores in the US, indicating its interest to grow its business and market shares over the next few years.

Forecast Struck fiscal 2013 targets as follows: The opening of approximately 1,300 net new stores globally, representing 22% growth over fiscal 2012. Approximately 600 net new stores in the Americas, with the majority of those in the U. S. Of the approximately 600 stores, approximately half of the additions will be licensed stores. Approximately 600 net new stores in China/Asia Pacific, with licensed stores comprising approximately half of the new additions. Of the approximately 600 stores, slightly more than half will be in China. Africa), with licensed tortes comprising more than two-thirds of the new stores. Revenue growth of approximately 10% - 13%, driven by mid-single-digit comparable-store sales growth, approximately 1,300 net new store openings, and continued strong growth in the Channel Development business. Full-year consolidated operating margin improvement of approximately 100 basis points over IFFY results. 100 to 150 basis points of operating margin improvement in Channel Development. Capital expenditures of approximately $1. Billion for the full year, reflecting the increase in new store growth and an increase in production capacity to support recently-announced initiatives.

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