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SWOT analysis for Dabur Inc

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Dabber India Limited has marked its presence with significant achievements and today commands a market leadership status. They have a strong financial year on year. Compare to last year some financial facts about dabber : Total sales were recorded as INNER 7073 scores and up by 5. 1%. Net profit INNER 913. 9 scores up 19. 7% Market capitalization us $5 billion Following chart shows net sales over years (in INNER scores ) These stats shows that Dabber is financially very strong and doing well in all of their campaigns. Moreover net profit shows that management running all operations quite efficiently.

At the same time, Dabber like any other enterprise having national as well as international is exposed to external and internal risks. Some of the key risks faced by the company today are volatility in exchange rate and continued inflationary trend which is not only increasing cost pressures but, may also lead to low levels of demand for FMC products. Also increase of fake products and brands can hamper Dabber's growth. A slowdown in overall economic growth can lead to pressure on disposable income and spending power of the people.

Dabber's well-diversified product mix provides a steady revenue stream that is less vulnerable to seasonal swings. However, Dabber is rapidly expanding into segments where it will compete straight up with large foreign firms. While it's herbal niche should allow it to differentiate its products, it would be hard for Dabber to match larger firms in terms of distribution and advertising expenditure. However, given its low revenue cyclical, low financial leverage, and medium operating leverage, Dabber has a low systematic risk.

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SWOT analysis for Dabur Inc essay

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