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Strategic Plan Sierra Bravo

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Sierra Bravo has proven they grown 100% over the past five years through customizing new web development services and enhancing existing ones for its clients. The company entered the marketplace in 2003 to tap into a niche market by customizing technology solutions through intensive programming. The company proves to impress clients through successful track record by helping the firm maximize its profits.

The company mission, vision and corporate value set the tone for employees to ensure long-term success. Environmental analysis shows the company industry is strong and has high potential to grow as it currently are doing. Market development strategy is critical to the success of this organization. The company's long-term goals to increase partner program, expand nationally, retain top talented employees and employee growth is essential to the growing process.

One of the new marketing strategies Sierra Bravo's currently working on is continuing to strengthen its partner program. The focus partner program allows marketing and advertising agencies to supply end clients for Sierra Bravo. "The focused strategy firm selects a segment or group of segments in an industry and tailors its strategy to serve them." (Peters, 1993). Developing an action and implementation process to meet metrics, timelines and end targets is illustrated in the plan. Finally, using a premise control and balance score card methodology to evaluate success is very important to reinvent strategy and create new innovative products.

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Company Background

Sierra-Bravo was found in 2003 by three programmers based out of Bloomington, Minnesota. The company currently has another office in Chicago, and has about 50 employees. The company offers customer programming to enhance a company's web site. Customer programming such as web design, e-commerce, content management, business process automation, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Technical Support, and other features. The company customers are small and medium businesses. Additionally, they have a partner program that targets marketing and advertising companies. They have a laid back corporate culture that offers many incentives to motivate its employees.

Vision Statement Our vision is to become a leader in customizing programming needs for any company worldwide. Mission Statement Sierra-Bravo mission is to be a global leader in customize programming solutions for all businesses by providing our clients cost effective solutions and maximize profits. Corporate Values Our corporate values consists of our employees actions and how we interact with each other, clients, stakeholders, and greater community. We hire top talented programmers and developers to work on high scale projects. These values include: Quality: Sierra Bravo will exceed our client's expectations and offering highest quality service by maximizing their profits through cost effective solutions.

People: Sierra Bravo will maintain close business relationships with employees and clients through leadership opportunities and excellent results Customized Technology: Sierra Bravo will offer tailored solutions to any problems our client's requests to resolve their business needs with the mentality any project is possible. Growth: Sierra Bravo will grow by building long-term business relationships with current clients and invite marketing agencies to become part of our partner program.

Environmental Analysis The major competitor is Digital River Inc. located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Digital River offers marketing software solutions for companies. The company started in 1994 and currently has over 1000 employees with 3 offices nationally and 7 offices globally. Digital River is the global leader in e-commerce and marketing software solutions. The company reported making 1998 with revenue of 3.4 million with a significant increase in 2007 that was $349.3 million (Digital River, 2008). The company also provided tailored e-commerce, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), web development and an array of marketing solutions to its clients. Digital own other companies such as Blue Hornet, Fireclick, Negiro Payment Services, Game Zone online and more.

A couple of emerging competitors are Arran Technologies and E-Digita. The companies are located in the twin cities and slowly growing. The nature is competitive in the twin cities which explain a strategic move for Sierra Bravo to explore other markets nationally. The major competitor's strength for Digital River is solutions. "DR has developed a robust electronic commerce technology platform and suite of e-commerce services to help businesses grow their online revenues as well as reduce the costs and risks associated with running an electronic commerce operation in-house" (Datamonitor, 2004 p 5). Other strengths include diversified client base and Technology plat form (Client, network, and server). "One of the company's key assets is its client based of more than 14,000 software publishers" (Datamonitor, 2004 p 6).

Some weaknesses that Digital River show is the margin/take rate contraction, lengthy sales cycle and integration activities. Digital River outsource approximately 17% of its project overseas however, big clients negotiate for discounts. This alternative solution is to reduce costs while in-house cost is higher. Outsourcing provides a better cost incentive but it doesn't impact revenue growth. "While overall revenue may not be impacted, as the volume will make up for the lower margin, the company may not have much margin leverage and profitability may lag revenue growth." (Datamonitor, 2004 p 6).

The lengthy sales cycle between clients and Digital ranges six to 12 months that is long and costly. This relates to decision makers that need to sign the contract. At the end of a lengthy prospective client decide not to purchase, this will impact the expenditure management pay employees and could not recovered. Integrating activities is the other major weaknesses. Digital River continues to engage in strategic activities by outsourcing its services to software publishers and other technology products. This type of engagement could result in operating difficulties and expenditures (Datamonitor, 2004).

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