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The Cambrian De Phaedra owned by the Recollects was used as the iris church of Dissimilar upon its division while the residents were constructing a new one. The town of Dissimilar became a bloody battlefield during the Revolution in 1896-1897. After capturing the town on February 25, 1897, the Spaniards burned all the houses and buildings in the Publication except the Catholic Church. In 1905, during the early American Regime, the town of Disarming became again a barrio of Emus and remained a part of the said town. In that year, the name Perez was dropped or deleted through the efforts of Cap.

Placida Campus.

Francisco Barbara and Feline Tirana. The growing congestion and outward urban expansion of the Metropolitan Manila Area has set-up a favorable devoted atmosphere for the town. As one of Cavities lowland towns situated within the Metro Manila urban influenced area the improvement of growth corridors and road linkages converged within the area. The changing outlook of the town as a traditional agricultural town to a fast urbanize town serves a telltale a sign of its fast-paced development. Now, with a population of about 442,572 people and with the development of the resettlement areas virtually give impetus for a new town.

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The town now is experiencing the establishment of several large educational and health institutions, the influx of industries and subdivision developments.


1. Geographical Location The Municipality lies on coordinates 14 degree 20' latitude and 120 degree EYE longitude. It is situated in the northeastern part of Cavity province along the eastern provincial boundaries with Laguna. As such, it is at the center of the COLLABORATION sub-region within the regional Jurisdiction of Region IV. It is bounded on the north by the municipalities of Emus and Factor.

The municipality is about thirty (30) kilometers room Metro Manila, the country metropolis; (32) kilometers from Calm, the regional capital and (12) kilometers from Trace Martinez City, which is the provincial capital. It is accessible from all points and growth centers via a network of concrete national highways and provincial roads. The town is landlocked. However, it is thirty (30) kilometers away from the coastal town of Rosaries, Kuwait, Factor, Novelette and Cavity City. It is about twenty-seven (27) kilometers from the Resort City of Takeaway and its famous Tall Lake and about the same distance from Puerco Gaul resort complex. .

LAND AREA socio economic analysis By orientation bargains of which twenty-six (26) bargains are old bargains further subdivided due to increase in population and the forty-seven (47) bargains which are old resettlement areas established into regular bargains, of which three (3) are in Burro and forty-four (44) are generally include under the Dissimilar Banyan file a resolution creating two or more bargains namely Victoria Rexes and H-2. It is now file at the Sanguine Penalizing for approval.


Dissimilar has two pronounced seasons; wet season and dry season.

Wet season covers the period from May to December and dries from January to April. The east- south monsoon prevails over the area from December to May while southwesterly winds blow during rainy season from June to August with heavy downpour.


The municipality are generally lowland with areas having slope 0-18% accounting for about 81% the total land area while the remaining 19% are with 18% are above. The topography is generally sloping, undulating hills distributed in all bargains of the municipality.

Practically all slope classification of land area is present in all bargains. Except in some portion at bargains Burro, Lankan, Palladian, Scalawag, Compact and San Austin, which are strongly sloping, and hill, all others are level, too gently undulating to moderately sloping or rolling terrain.


The municipality of Dissimilar has a more or less total road network of 790. 731 kilometers, as of 1990. These are classified into provincial, municipal, baring, and subdivision roads traveling within the town's Jurisdiction.

The National Highway, which includes Signaled Highway, Congressional Avenue, Assailant-Scalawag Road,Scalawag-Million and Governor's Drive are the central development spine that links Disarming to its neighboring municipalities. These major roads are asphalt and are under good condition, compared to before, there has been a lot of major renovations on road networking. There are still some parts of disarming which are not yet in concrete, but acts for improvements have been done, and will hopefully be finished in the near future. There are now more than 35 bridges that connect the road network in the municipality.

All of which are made of concrete.


Disarming is accessible by land transportation going to manila through Emilio Signaled Highway, from the north, towards Takeaway City to the south. It is almost a -hour drive from metro manila going to Disarming. Same with going to Takeaway and Laguna. The basic mode of transportation to different places in Disarming is the Jeep and the tricycle. Most of the population in the municipality is composed of commuters and pedestrians. The main part of Disarming where you can get an easy ride going outside the municipality is in "Dismal Banyan".

It is where you can find Don Placida Campus Avenue, and along those road is the Immaculate Conception Church, Disarming Elementary School, and the municipal Library which are the main Landmarks in the town of Disarming. You may usually find public utility Jeepers going to baccarat, capote, Emus, sailing, trace, and GAMMA, in this part of Disarming. This is the reason why Dismal Banyan can also be considered as the capital of the municipality Disarming itself. Through time, the number of public utility vehicles has increased, which made Disarming accessible from several parts of Luzon. Now, air-con and non-air-conditioned buses.

This also gives the reason for having a greater population of residents transferring from other provinces, and foreign residents, especially the growing number of Koreans residing all over Disarming. The availability of public transportation also explains why students in La Sale- Disarming are now partially composed of transfer students from different parts of the country, especially Metro Manila.


Support facilities like power, water, and transportation are present. The electricity is provide by ANAPHORA thru Manila Electric Company (MORALE). Water is being supplied by Disarming Water District (DID).

In terms of communications, the whole town relies on PLOT, Globe Telecoms, Digital, Philippine Postal Communications, Bureau of Telecommunications, and all mobile companies. This also includes internet rousing. Though there are still other areas wherein only some of these telecommunications companies, were able reached them.



The first NCSC official census of population for the municipality was conducted in the year 1903 recording a total population of 3,028. This figure increased to 262,106 by the year 1995, almost a hundred-fold increase over 93 years.

The town exhibits a significant population increase with an annual growth rate of 13. 96%. This can be attributed to the influx of urban families from Metro Manila to the resettlement areas of Tasmania.


Being geographically located in the tagging region, the dialect predominantly spoken is Toga. This constitutes about 76. 49% of the total household population. There are however several dialects spoken in the area such as Cuban, holidaying, Allocation, wary, bucolic, banana, pompano, and other local dialects of very minimal percentage.

This can be attributed to in-migration corollary to the presence of socio-economic activities as well as the resettlement activities of urban families from Metro Manila to Disarming.


The municipality of Disarming is predominantly Roman Catholic, constituting about 88. 4% of the total household population. The remaining percentage, consists of the Giggles in Kristin, Born again Christians, Protestants, The Baptist Church, and Muslims which are mostly found in the resettlement areas.


Out of the population, 10 years old and over, 50. 5% are married while 4. 59% are single and never married. The remaining percent are widows, 3. 62%, and separated, 1 . 19%. This can be explained by the Filipino culture on family ties. It makes it difficult for other family members to depart from their family.


Labor force is the economically active population, compromising 1 5 years old and above who are either employed or unemployed. Current labor force (1995) is 137,575 or 52% of the house hold population 5 years old and above. Of this figure, 124,608 are employed, and 12,967 are unemployed.

Showing that availability of Jobs in Disarming are low, considering the number of population. Still, this does not hinder people from residing in Disarming, because as mentioned earlier, Disarming is accessible going to different places. LAND USE The total area of 9,013 hectares of the municipality s divided into four land uses: urban/built-up areas, agricultural areas, open grasslands and water bodies. Refer to Table 90 on Existing Land Uses + urban / built-up areas).


Urban development as evident in the built-up areas, which constitute about 48. 06% of the total land area.

These comprise of residential, commercial, institutional, industrial, parks and recreational as well as cemetery, roads, dumpiest and Special Use or Planned Unit Area. Built-up areas are present in all bargains with the largest concentration on Disarming Basing Banyan (DB'S) Resettlement Area, Zone l, I-A, II, Ill and IV portion of Baring Scalawag, Palladian l, II, Ill, Gasbag and San Jose are fast evolving in residential areas with new subdivision locating therein. DB Resettlement Areas composed of 44 bargains dominate the central portion. Influence areas include Assailant Ill and IV and portion of Compact 'V.

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