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Linen and Laundry Service in Off Premise

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Different types of hotel in the Philippines Many people visit the Philippine Islands each year in order to enjoy its picture perfect views and Asian hospitality. Luckily, there are several types of hotels available in the Philippines that make it possible for anyone to afford a trip. Whether you're looking for student-budget type lodging, luxurious accommodations or something in between, the Philippines has got you covered. Luxury Hotels Luxury hotels are available across the Philippines and are an ideal type of hotel if you're looking for refined surroundings.

They're a great option for honeymooners or anyone who wants to be treated like royalty for a while. This type of lodging facility will ensure that you are fully pampered and leave you feeling like your money was very well spent. Consider these top- rated luxury hotels located in the Philippines. Diamond Hotel, Manila This 27-story, five star hotel is located in Manila and radiates class and elegance. It's located in a great area, Just minutes away from museums, parks, convention centers and shopping malls. Your accommodations, from the sheets on your bed to the towels in your bathroom, are guaranteed to be top-of-the-line quality.

If you stay here, take advantage of the exquisite guestrooms, bars and restaurants. Location: Rosa Blvd. Core. Dry. J. Quintus SST. Manila 1000 Web: Demimondaine. Com Marimbas Blurter beach resort, Zebu Indulge yourself at the Marimbas Blurter Beach Resort in Zebu. Choose from rooms located on the beach wing (including bungalows), the garden wing, or the Mama Spa wing and enjoy authentic Filipino hospitality. This is the ideal hotel to book if you're looking for relaxation and deluxe accommodations. Location: Marimbas, Buying, McCann Island Zebu 601 5 Web: www. Blurter. Com. PH/marimbas/home. P Budget Hotels A budget hotel is ideal for business travelers and those who don't require frills and want to save some money. There is a variety to choose from across the Philippines and all offer affordable rooms and Filipino hospitality. If you're looking for a comfortable bed and great bargain, opt for a budget hotel while in the Philippines. The Legend Hotels organization has hotels all across the Philippines, including the Legend Villas, Legend Palatal, Mayhap Manor, Cabana Cloacae, Cabana Cuba and Cabana Papas. Each one is owned and managed by Filipinos, which give them n authentic Filipino flavor.

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They offer value rates that make rooms affordable for many people and each room is different from the others. Location: 2650 A. Boniface SST. , Magmata City 1233 Web: Lighthouses. Com. PH SST. Alien's Inn, Magmata This boutique-style budget hotel in Magmata has a great sense of charm. It provides guests with basic amenities and is a practical choice for any traveler. Enjoy yourself in the inner courtyards and take in the classic architecture during your stay. Location: 7461 Scintilla Street, Poi del Pillar Magmata City 1230 web: Scintillating. M Hostels Hostels are the best solution for the budget traveler who likes to meet new people from all over the world. By staying at a hostel in the Philippines you can save a substantial amount of money each night, making the overall cost of your vacation much lower. Prices per person, per night, range anywhere from $5 to $50. Here are a few excellent hostels to choose from. Townhouse Manila You can't beat paying less than $10 for a bed. The Townhouse opened in 1986 and has served as a comfortable place to sleep for people from more than 85 countries.

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