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One offers a sliding fee and charges $110 to $119 per session

As a very concerned friend and one that has the background to realize that what my friend is undergoing is bordering on severe depression, I  know that she should really seek professional help. Although therapy is expensive, there are certain measures that could be used as an alternative to therapy, but I would be more comfortable if she will go to counseling.

This is why I researched a number of internet resources to really identify the best sources for reputable and accredited psychologists, as much as possible I would want her to not be under medication because in counseling she would have a better chance of developing the skills she would need for healthy adjustment to life’s challenges.

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In psychotherapy, she would be given anti-depression drugs and sometimes it is not as helpful as it is meant to be, and I fear that she may only become dependent on the drugs instead of really learning and realizing her problems and issues.

I found the Psych Central website very informative and helpful. It has a list of help centers where the fees are not that expensive and some of the sessions can be done online, on the other hand, it also has a list of accredited psychologists and psychiatrists and their contact and office numbers as well as descriptions of their fields of expertise and work experience.

I simply went online to find the resources, aside from Psych Central, I also found that San Jose, CA has a list of psychiatrists and psychologists on the yellow pages, but unless I have someone who can refer them, it is not much help.

From the Psych Central resource list, I found two probable psychologists that are within the San Jose area, they both offer the first session free of charge and present a very comprehensive introduction to their practice. I feel comfortable with the approaches that the psychologists have on treatment and they have outstanding credentials.

One offers a sliding fee and charges $110 to $119 per session and can be bargained if financially incapable, likewise there is no need to pay for the sessions in advance which would suit my friend’s needs. The other site however does not indicate the schedule of fees.

They both work with individuals in counseling and specialize in depression and adjustment problems. The first psychologist however accepts payment sessions through health insurance and she says that the client just have to contact the insurance provider before arranging the first session. This could be advantageous to my friend if she decides to use her insurance plan but I doubt that she would, but it is good to have options.

The second therapist however requires that a personal call or an email be sent to her to settle the business side of the counseling sessions, which is basically positive in the sense that my friend would get to communicate with the therapist before she commits to visiting her and her practice is also within the San Jose area and can be checked out anytime if the need arises.

I think that my friend would really benefit with the first counselor, she would be given the counseling that she very much needs within her own budget constraints, as well as be able to stay in her apartment and job for the psychologists are within her residence and job. If there is a need for her to be institutionalized, or if she thinks that she might be safer there, and then there are some available institutions in the area, but as for now, I am confident that she would work well with counseling.


Psych Central.com for list of therapy centers found at: http://psychcentral.com/resources/Psychotherapy/Treatment_Centers/

Dr. Lisa Shields


San Jose Therapy and Counseling.org with Maria Lloyd, MFT Therapist License #38399 check: