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Role of Media in Society Today

Media certainly plays a vital role in advertising of anything what so ever to the general public. It is simply the media which brings out the commodities, new cars, new products, new inventions, and new designs of simply anything, new ideas, and new technology to the people Even though there are a lot of different kinds of Medias but television no doubt is the most powerful media present today.

There is no doubt that the inventions of television in the human lives have changed everything around us.

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Communications have been made easier due to these Medias like Radio, television, newspapers and many more. If we simply talk about television as a whole, it would certainly not be wrong to say that television plays a vital role in our lives today.

Television has become a necessity, rather than a luxury in almost every part of the world.

It is undoubtfully true that today we would see television in simply every home. Even though there are merits as well as demerit of this media. Nowadays television channels and newspapers are busy making money by giving out wrong kind of information to the general public. Making money has simply become top most priority of the people engaged in this media business.

They simply think that this way they would become more popular .As indicated earlier, that everyone simply watches television, simply because of the fact that it provides a lot of entertainment although, it is a common thought that the television only offers all types of  dramas, soaps, advertising, and the news. So we could say that due to the reason that this particular media.

Has got a lot of viewers on the whole. Children undoubtfully watch a lot of television and according to one of the survey report they spent a lot more time watching television than they spend in their classrooms.  Thus lot viewers mean that this is simply the best media for advertising. As it is that not only the children watch television extensively but also the adults. This has been the reason that advertising is also done extensively on this media.(n.p,n.d}

Nowadays shopping is also done through television. within minutes with the help of credit cards without roaming in the rush of shopping malls, which has been greatly appreciated by the female populace of the globe. Thus, television has become a matter of just fingertips, and has promoted, as well as, assisted the humans in achieving a better and improved place in their lives. This way a lot of time is also stopped from being wasted for going to the shopping malls and a person could simply shop at home.

Apart from advantages of this media there are a lot of demerits of watching television for example we could say that at times it does happens that what is shown on the television is not what it basically is. when the product is bought on the credit card after watching the advertisement reaches the customer ,the customer does not wants to have it because what was so attractive ,did not appear to be when it got in the hands of the customer. Due to this reason also a lot of people hesitate from buying after watching television ads .But still there are many more that prefer from buying like this because it wastes no time. For the most part the television is found to be very entertaining. People watch television shows they enjoy and find entertaining. Television does not only provide entertainment only for adults but also for the babies.


As indicated that even the children of all ages watches television thus a lot of products like candies, different kinds of chocolated, different kinds of outlets for children, toys ,cloths are also advertised on television so the children could also watch and ask their parents to buy it for them.  At the same time there are also a lot of disadvantages of watching television This is also a fact that when people men and women watches television and look at the slim, smart looking people they feel as if they are unhealthy and are not fit .Due to this reason they do not eat well and start to take medicines which is of course not correct.

Escaping the media and their influence is impossible. Everywhere one turns, a different form of the media is conveying a message to the world about what normalcy is and/or should be. As Douglas Kellner, author of Cultural Studies, Multiculturalism and Media Culture writes, they provide materials out of which we forge our very identities, our sense of selfhood; our notion of what it means to be male or female” this is true that there is so much going on and so much to look at that it just becomes impossible not to take notice of the messages that the media is passing on to us.

The influence of media in society has effects on various age groups As we know that the advertising is done for different age groups so the effect is also on the different group of people. Media’s influence on society is so great that it clearly has the ability to mould our world through its distribution of information. Media can be of any kind it is a fact that people are attracted to it; it is just like a cyclone which takes in everyone who is in its reach.


Earlier when the media was not as it is today, newspapers and radio were the greatest and most reliable source of information in the world to bring people’s attention to different things. But that was long time back .Today the strongest media is television and one of the most reliable too. As it is that it reaches simply everyone .People of all ages, casts, class and religion.. One of the advantages of the television is its reliability, as the information on the television is updated within seconds.

Businesspersons can be informed of latest foreign exchange rates and products that would be in trend in the near future. The term ‘television’ is used not only for an electronic box that provides a transmission by receiving and sending particular images and sounds within a distance; however, a new commercial world of entertainment and technology has been emerged through this idiot box.

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