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Role of Advertisement and Sales Promotion in ELP:

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Two important features using by the company are advertisement and sales to promote product and sale. But both of the features are differ in their way. The form of mass media communication is advertising which is directed towards influencing the end consumer. Whereas, on the other hand, promotion and sales deal with the mass communication directly towards influencing and informing the distribution channel. For the promotion of product both, advertisement and sales are important. For the survival of company in the market, both of these factors are enable the firm to face the competition and to create unique position in the global market with their rivals. Advertisement and sale are useful in the launch and introduction of any new products and to promote the brand. The overhead expenses can be reducing by increasing in the production and these two factors sale and advertising lead to increase in production. But the disadvantage of promotion and advertising is it involves a huge wasteful expenditure. Promotion of any product and advertising of the product are very costly methods and do not have any guarantee that it helps in increase the demand and increase the selling ratio of the production. Some time people are ignoring the advertisement or most of the time advertising are escapes the attention of the people.

ADVERTISING: by proper advertisement company can attract people to buy its product by giving such attention like; description uses, source of its availibity, price and its superiority over other brands. Advertising is an art to familiarize market, public and society with the product. Advertising is a paid form of commitment not only merely propaganda. According to Dr. Stanton “Advertising consists of all the activities involved in presenting to a group,

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Role of Advertisement and Sales Promotion in ELP:

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a non-personal, oral or visual, openly sponsored message regarding a product
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1) To create a demand for new products by explaining its utility

2) To announce a new product or service

3) To increase its sales by attracting new customers

4) To create brand preferences

5) To expand the market for new buyers

6) To assist the salesmen in their selling efforts

7) To warn the public against imitation of the product of the firm

8) To prepare ground for new products

9) Barring new entrance

10) To make special offers through sales promotion

13) To neutralize competitors advertising

15) To enhance goodwill of the firm

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