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CAP is a raw materials exporting company with a global reach, having offices situated in Canada, United States, and Russia. CAP exports raw construction materials to a multitude of manufactures in the construction industry, and the company executes distribution of an estimated 10,000. 00 units on a weekly basis. The ten selected CAP employees are specialized managers in Canadian exports and therefore require an advanced knowledge of Canadian business operations and cultural accustoms.

The Request for Proposal does not serve any additional purposes other than obtaining a contractor to develop and implement a full travel plan, inclusive of risk management, for the ten CAP Canadian export managers. Funding will be appropriated by CAP in the annual budget for payment of the travel services to be performed. Project Objectives The Objectives of this project are the adoption of:

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  1. Providing ten CAP Canadian export managers with an increased knowledge of the Canadian construction industry, while simultaneously familiarizing them with Canadian business and cultural practices.
  2. To develop a formal and stronger working relationship with CAP Canadian partners and export managers.

Timeline for Selection

The following dates are the intended timeline: Proposals Due: Proposals Review/Evaluation Period: May 31, 2014 June 1, 2014

Finalists Notified/Request for Interview: Contract Budgetary Negotiation: Finalist Contractor Notified: Contract Finalized and Approved (CAP)

Service Intended to Begin June 15, 2014 June 20, 2014 June 30, 2014 July 1, 2014 I en contractor wall perform ten Tooling tasks 1 .

Perform a needs analysis and identify the appropriate travel needs for the ten CAP Corporation employees in order to create a rewarding and culturally fulfilling traveling experience, while allowing them to become familiar with CAP Corporation partners and increasing Canadian business practice knowledge. The contractor is to have the needs assessment approved by CAP prior to developing the detailed travel plan. The needs assessment will act as a preliminary framework to the detailed travel plan. 2.

Develop a highly detailed travel plan according to needs identified in the needs analysis, while ensuring to include a comprehensive risk management plan. In doing this the contractor is expected to follow the timeline parameters provided in the deliverables and obtain approval on the full travel plan prior to implementation. 3. Implement the final travel plan: this includes the final booking and scheduling of al logistics outlined in the approved travel plan. Work Requirements The following are mandatory criteria during the contract period:

  1. Approval of full travel plan before the implementation period
  2. All travel must occur within the country of Canada Travel Requirement

The needs analysis and final travel plan must be inclusive of the following travel requirements:

  1. Develop a highly detailed schedule which CAP employees will follow in their Canadian travels. The contractor will have to identify potential risks and known issues while developing the day to day schedule. 2
  2. The Trip is to be for the duration of fifteen days including a two-day business meeting in order for the employees to become familiarized with Canadian CAP business employees.
  3. The travel plan must have two full days reserved for arrival and departure as well as Chinese facilitators at the Canadian airport to assist with an easy departure. All arrival and departure day logistics must be thoroughly organized.
  4. Organize, at maximum, two events per day in each of the visiting cities to allow for lenient time constraints. A Chinese speaking tour guide must be present at all times o allow for ease of travel and a comfortable experience.
  5. The areas of visitation are to be arraigned in the following order: (arrival) Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Ottawa (departure).All cities must have detailed agendas a nd logistics for the ten CAP employees to follow. The areas of visitation must be chosen on the basis of Canadian cultural experience and notable tourist attractions.
  6. The travel plan must contain a risk mitigation component and it will be vital to have travel insurance plans in place for each CAP Corporation employee. Health Insurance I en contractor must arrange Ana snow proto AT Neal Insurance Tort ten ten c employees for a minimum of $1 per employee in the event of an accidental incident.

The insurance at minimum must cover each employee for: o If the insured person has one or more accidental bodily injury(s) during the trip, the insurance is to pay for the applicable insured sum for the accident up to the rent-inurn of $1 o Emergency medical benefits must cover at a minimum for each CAP employee: emergency medical attention, paramedical services, ambulance transportation, emergency dental treatment, expenses related to death, emergency medical return home, additional expenses for meals and hotel Professional Liability (Errors and Omissions) The contractor is to arrange and show proof of professional liability insurance to protect against legal liability arising out of contract activity. The policy is to remain in force for the full period of the contractual agreement and one subsequent year after the contractual agreement.

The professional liability insurance will protect both CAP and the contractor in the event of a legal liability arising from the contractual agreement. The insurance will provide a minimum of $1 per occurrence with a maximum deductible of $10,000. 0. The deliverables of this project are the adoption of:

  1. A detailed report of the needs analysis provided to CAP project managers as per the deliverable timeline schedule.
  2. A detailed travel plan provided to CAP subsequent to the approval of the needs analysis, inclusive of a full logistic schedule of the fifteen day trip, and associated developed travel budget (contractor is to develop the travel budget).
  3. All CAP Corporation employees must receive fully detailed travel packages containing medical coverage, travel and arrival logistics, and daily itinerary logistics.

Needs Analysis Meeting:

Needs Analysis Approval: Travel Plan Development begins: Travel Plan Approval: Implementation of Travel Plan: Finalization of Travel Logistics: CAP employees Travel to Canada Period of Agreement Ends July 1 July 15, 2014 July 20, 2014 July 30, 2014 August 1, 2014 August 15, 2014 October 1, 2014 December 1, 2014 Sealed proposals must be received no later than May 31, 2014 by 4:00 P. M. The outside of the envelope/package shall clearly identify:

  1. RAP Number
  2. Title
  3. Name and contact information of the proposes Responses received after submittal time will not be considered and will be returned o the Proposes - unopened.

Proposals are required to be delivered in the following format:

  1. Cover Sheet
  2. Contractor Profile
  3. Proposal content

Proposal content

To ensure a proposal is considered for evaluation it should include all the information requested and be presented in the following order: 1 . Cover Sheet A covering letter, dated and signed by a person authorized to negotiate, make commitments, and provide clarification with respect to the proposal on behalf of the bidding consultant. Each contractor is required to provide the following information: A copy of the contractor's profile, management profile, and head office address.

A profile and relevant experience of the contractors assigned project managers. Describe ten structure AT your typical product Implementation Ana production/ customer support teams, with an emphasis on foreign travel plan development. List the specific positions/titles within each team and the number of years of travel plan development experience of each member and the number of years each person has been employed with the institution.

Management Approach

  1. Describe your typical project management approach when identifying, recommending, and implementing comprehensive travel plans; in addition, clearly outline your approach and framework for designing and implementing JPL's travel plan. CAP would like a designated project manager provided from the contractor and will have the right to review and accept the project manager.
  2. Business References List three (3) current customers that are using your services, similar in project size and scope, who you give CAP the authorization to contact and discuss only your capabilities with regard to the similar project in question. Your response should include the name of the customer, business reference contact information, the services being used by the reference and the duration of the project
  3. Project Approach and Understanding Implementing full travel services for a unique trip of this nature is a large project undertaking.

Please address the following concerns in your proposal: Describe your typical implementation approach to ensure that travel logistics are fully implemented with accuracy Describe your full understanding of risk mitigation and how you intent to ensure all areas of risk are accounted for. A full schedule inclusive of timeliness clearly indicating the steps to be taken from the beginning of the contract, adoption of the travel plan, to the implementation of the travel plan. 6. Project Budget The quoted price is expected to be a fixed price for the development of the needs analysis, the comprehensive travel plan, and the implementation of the travel plan. CAP expects a full budget breakdown for the development of the final quoted price. Provide an inclusive fixed cost quotation in Canadian funds for the project. Identify the expected costs and their allocation, ontogenesis and taxes.

Contact Type and Payment Terms

The contact is a fixed price contract and the budget break down supplied to CAP should be inclusive of all costs associated with the project. The price of this contract is not subject to any adjustment based on unforeseen variable costs, and vendors must use the following budget breakdown: Project Component Needs Identification and Analysis Development of Full Travel Plan Risk Mitigation and Insurance Plans Implementation of travel plan Assigned Cost The payments will be distributed to the awarded contractor as follows: 0% of the total amount will be provided to the selected contractor upon award of the contract. 70% of the total amount will be provided to the contractor once the final and fully completed plan is presented and the implementation process begins.

Proposal Evaluation Proposals receiver In response to R 1 wall De evaluated Day a management review committee for CAP. CAP will reserve the right to award the contract to the contractor who obtains the highest score based on the evaluation criteria. Each proposal received in response to the RAP will be objectively evaluated and rated according to the specified scoring system. Project approach and understanding - ability to meet requirements within the specified schedule, and scope of services offered. Experience and qualifications Proposed budget and charges Total evaluation score Up to 40 points Up to 40 Points Up to 20 points Up to 100 points Proposals will be evaluated on the quality and completeness of the services offered.

Legal Considerations CAP reserves the right to accept and reject proposal responses without incurring a liability or obligation to the contractor in question. Upon the completion of the project and the receipt of all contractual obligations, CAP obtains full rights to the completed work. The contractor does not obtain the right to share the completed information without the written consent of CAP; in addition, the contractor does not have the rights to share or reuse the project information in subsequent contractual agreements. Items Supplied by CAP Corporation A detailed profile of each CAP Corporation employee will be provided to the agency of choice to aid in the planning process.

In addition, a full background and company profile of CAP Corporation will be provided to the agency in order to aid in the nature and scope of the project logistics. Period of Agreement The contractual agreement commences on the date that the contractor is awarded Lully 1, 2013) and the contractual agreement is to remain in force throughout the completion and terminate on December 1, 2014. Subsequent to the implementation phase of the project the contractor is required to facilitate CAP with any issues throughout or following the CAP employees' travels to Canada, until the date of December 1, 2014. By completing and submitting a proposal to RAP #111 the contractor NAS mare Tanat teeny wall comply Walt ten pergola AT agreement outline in the legal considerations of this RAP.

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