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Representation Of Events

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This image also appeared on other newspaper front covers during the event such as the daily express the sun and the indented. The image of the youth also includes what seems to be a burnt out facial in the background there for making it seem as if this person was to blame for this maroons attack. Other newspapers such as the daily telegraph and the daily express issued on the same day include headlines such as "rule of the mob" "flaming morons" and "mob rule" to anger this image.

This giving this person in the image of being a ember of a gang and the word moron has the connotations situated with it. These newspapers represented the even by putting a lot of blame of young people in the area this image that was used represented a stereo typical youth in London there for representing them a rioter and a thug who was to blame for the riots.

The daily mail newspaper also included a comment from the daily mail its self which read "to blame the cuts is immoral and cynical this criminality pure and simple" there for the daily mail was blaming the rioting in London on the criminals in the area especially the stereo typical touts in London depicted in the image the comment also took the blame away from the government and opinion leaders The next example I am going to referee of a fox news broadcast aired on the 1 lath of august , aimed at a American audience.

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The catalyst for the rioting was the shooting dead of the 29 year old black man mark Digging on the 4th of august he was about to be arrested for gun crime in the black community . The fox new broadcast represents the event in relation to his death the broadcast opens with the news anchor saying 'the shooting death of one man, sets of hundreds leaves Roth London subverts in ruin" the broadcast then shows footage of Atonement in London were we can seer young black youths looping shops with the headline " police shooting sparks riots".

There for telling the audience that the police may be to blame for these riots. Footage also shows burning buildings and the police patrolling the streets with the news anchor mentioning that the rioters are attacking businesses and police. The news broadcast then shows a Mao of where the riots are taking place obviously to show the American viewers how close the riots are to the location for upcoming Lollops that took place in London 2012. This would negatively represent the city of London to the American audience may put a lot of people off from visiting the country when the lollops are taking place. We are told it was this mans death that started it all" anchored by an image of mark Duggan with a direct mode of address. Nt the image used in the sun newspaper article from 5th August 201 1 which represented Mark Duggan as a gangster. The image used in the sun newspaper showed mark Duggan making a gun sign with his hand and wearing billing the dress code associated tit gang members and culture. This newspaper report represented mark Duggan in a negative way and in term of is background making out that he shot at police first. The image would make an audience think he was to blame for his death.

Fox news chief correspondent report focuses on the amount of people being arrested and the number of police injured (25 police injured) uses an English news anchor and reporter ( knows history of London and had reported on the 1 ass's riots) shows footage of a youth, dressed in a hood- negative connotations- gives the impression that all the rioters look like its- ere intimidating especially to an outside audience (especially the target American audience of this programmer) "cops say the riots started because of the shooting of that man (mark Duggan) who was elatedly a gang member " and "its is simple opportunistic looting' anchored by footage of the rioters attacking police. Shows interview with police commissioner - opinion leader giving his thoughts on the rioting -vat's I've seen is pure violence" - how ill this effect how people (especially the American target audience ) view this events Great concern for British government the rioting has moved into diddle class areas - so id the government only concerned now because the richer citizens are being affected?

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