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Miss Representation

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Hattie Godine English 1302 Essay 3 Today’s statistics shows women and young girls in the media areas of television, has more attention placed upon them, and it’s not always in a positive way. In the documentary film Miss Representation the portrayal changes the way the public and some men would view women. These magnitude effects of the role of women have had for many years. Some organizations and commercial ads display women and girls with the idea that their beauty lies in beauty products and tanning machines along with cosmetic products.

Researchers have proven concerns that many support the idea of the detrimental harm that this attention brings to our society. Are women of today’s generation being exploited as nothing more than sex objects? Records show that the United States is still very below in average for women holding how power governmental positions. Miss Representation movie is no longer just a movie film, but has become a complete campaign to instill the empowerment for women and young girls. The campaign will add challenges to people who have made attempts on transforming our culture for the advancement of all kind.

All through the campaign, you will become educated in one form are another. From Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin running for the first Women president of the United States it shows that our society still has a long way to go. We have not yet made it to the point of women having equal rights as men do. There is more to the story than Miss. Representation presents, because there are 65% of women that suffer from many self-afflicting diseases, Things such as simply not being the right shape, color of skin and height creates a hold different prospective on the matter.

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Example like eating disorder behavior has double against young women in the past century. (Health Day News reports) Almost two-thirds (65lpercent) of young American women report disordered eating behaviors, and 10 percent report symptoms of eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia nervosa or binge eating disorder. ) Copyright 2013 ABC News Internet Ventures Yahoo – ABC News Network. Television too has taken on a new twist to young girls as they view ifferent shows like American Next Top Model and some Reality shows they feel this is the direction that our lives should be based upon and this is the way a girl are women should like thru a television lens. Viewing too much television puts our young children at sufficient harm’s way. Stat’s show viewing TV 10 hours each day is much too dangerous mentally. It also becomes very addictive for our young people. When Sue Katz states that I just question how crucial the dream of “power and influence” is to most women today. ` As she stated it’s the movie is getting its air time but what really is the message that is being sent out to the public.

As Ms. Newsome interviewed several governments official that are females have open views about women in politics and what their limitation have been so far in the chain of command. Women should be of equal concerns with issues, such as pay equality as well. We can work the same average hours as a man can expect the same pay along with some times long hours to get the job done. It’s a choice that some females make for themselves. Education does play a sufficient role in what type of career are profession you want to take and pay received with that career. Often time’s women are looked over because of sexuality.

The pay wage gap is very real the economy has been a slow process in recovery and women that are not fortunate enough to be homemakers and take care of school age children are subjected to taking only minimum wage jobs and earning a lot less money than men. Abortion laws is another tip of ice bird that can been a challenging topic of pro anti-abortion rights for women. Some people who willingly support the federal ban on laws about abortion issues believes that the government has taken on the responsibility of perhaps protecting the unborn fetus, and that is not the Right of the government officials.

Women should be able to make the decision of if they choice to abort an unborn child. Unless there is a life threating situation that endangers the child or the mother the decision should be left in the hands of the parents. Adapting the laws in the United States Constitution clearly leaning toward the support Overturned the Constitution Roe V. Wade. Chief Justice John Roberts & Justice Samuel Alito made it clear that the pro-Rue is under scrutiny interpretation of the standard of Casey, the was believed to be about anti-abortion movement continues to lose its balance ground level in the areas of politics and court.

Women Rights from the abolition movement of the 1800s is of many women of all walks of life beginning with SNCC and SCLS but the more traditional groups are NAACP women were treated like second class citizens. Some of these women believed the women liberations groups were radical. There were three key events that took place to form new movements for women equal rights in the 60’s. The American Women, released in 1963 recognized widespread Discrimination against women in all walks of life.

The Civil Rights movement and publication of Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique, which many women would questions their own lives and status in society and concluding there was something wrong. In 1964 the Civil Rights Act prohibited discrimination based not only on race but also on sex. Some of the Senators in Congress still jokingly view its addition as a means to dishonor the total act and guarantee its defeats against discrimination. In the year of 1966 Equal Opportunity Commission did not enforce laws as it applied to sex discrimination, and female activist was immediately formed the National Organization for Women.

NOW was molded very closely after the NAACP. They worked very hard within the systems to stop discrimination. Women can be portrayed better in the lime light of the media by giving us the same privileges that are given to males. That includes the powerful position in politics and leadership in government. Some of the media coverage that views on television shows, video dancing, and film producing sexist toward women and their bodies makes it difficult for respect to be valuable.

Only seeing the sexy side of a woman not the knowledge she may hold within her personality. Diverse advisement coverage of women is known worldwide with a lot of information. Society along is mostly shaped with influence buy what we look like as women not what we think. And that can be taken as direct criticisms. Our values are and should be measured in ways better used to see, think and feel. Women are constantly portrayed in sexually ways and we continue to be seen as sex object, and this is a violation of our human rights.

Research shows targeting areas of imagines in a more positive effect on our selves. Effecting Self-esteem issues for women sometimes of not feeling as beautiful and not to compare themselves with other females who look ideally thin and more beautiful. Cited sources as follows: (Cilvilbiliberty about. com/od/abortion/a/abortion2012. htm) (http://www. typepad. com/services/trackback/6a00d8341c7a9753ef0168ea9b7cdb970c) (Sabato) (Sabato)sexucalityhttp://www. policymic. com/articles/4439/are-women-in-the-media-only-

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