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Reagan Revolution Through President Obama

Strayer University 2012 ‘Reagan Revolution through President Obama” Prof.Jahangir Salehi Alesia Cleveland maitland campus Introduction Will the Obama Revolution advance America’s interest Washington, March 1, 2012-Thomas Jefferson once observed, “Every generation disserves a new revolution.” Depleted in war and facing economic collapse, America embraced Barrack Obama as a vanguard of the revolutionary hope in 2008.

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Where candidate Obama had a thin substantive record to assert the claim for highest elective office in 2008, Obama has laid down numerous markers since January 2009 that deserve and should get close scrutiny through Election Day.

Turning Points in History Turning points in history can mean that changes in the ways things are done in the past, sometimes for the better and other times for the worse. Two notable turning points in history were the Industrial Revolution and also World War I. These both had some political and social impacts. The Industrial Revolution was a time of great change and increased efficiency. No more would be goods be produced by individual means of farming and agriculture, but now by the use of machinery and factories. Technology was beginning to increase along with the food supply as well as the population.

However, this increase in population would be a greatly impact the social appearance of that time. Urbanization was becoming much more widespread. Cities were becoming overwhelming crowed and there was an increase in disease as well as severe child labor. Although child labor would be reduced somewhat due to unions, the Industrial Revolution still controlled both its posture and negative results. World War I was another turning point in history. The turning point consisted in the way war fought and how it has changed due in the advances in technology that took place during this time in the 1900s.

War was triggered in the Balkans were the Ottoman Empire had once maintained control industrialization and technology had both contributed in the advances n the development of weapons. The devastatingly was the cause of millions of deaths in World War I. War was fought in trenches and they used machine guns as well as tanks and hand grenades. There was definitely a turning point in the way of war would be fought. However, the most important turning point in the war had to be the involvement of the U. S. The U. S. tried to remain neutral in the war that ended up joining Allies.

Thanks’ to the U. S. ’s involvement; however, the Allies received the help needed to win the war. In conclusion we can see the revolution and wars can be lead to positive and negative. How the Aids Epidemic was shook America’s HIV/AIDS continues to take a disproportionate toll on Americans, and Unites States leaders must take action now to address the disease’s devastating effect according to a new report. “(Arias) throughout history of the epidemic, HIV/AIDS has been a persistent cause of death in African American community. Reports say that blacks have been affected by HIV/AIDS epidemic and more than half of the new disease diagnose, despite being only 13% of the United States population”. (Arias 1) the HIV/AIDS epidemic is an extremely serious cause of death in the African American community, but its spread can be prevented with the roper treatment and life practices. Many causes have been given on how African Americans are so seriously affected by the disease. The most suggested cause of African Americans contracting the disease is through sexual practices.

Some of the sexual practices include unprotected activity. The disease is not just coming from one race but all races of people. The motivation For us to go to war with Iraq and Afghanistan the Bush administration has justified its war against Iraq on the grounds: Saddam Hussein’s alleged possession of weapons of mass destruction, his links to so-called terrorist including the notorious terror network al-Qaeda, which carried attacks on American interests and soil, and liberating Iraqis from oppression and tyranny and bring it in the fold of democracy Advocates of war in the U.

S. administration claimed that Iraq had continued to develop weapons of mass destruction (WMD’S), and with Saddam Hussein capable of making them available to terrorist organizations such as al-Qaeda, it put the U. S. at a imminent risk. The Iraq carried on to seek as well as build weapons of mass destruction further holdup by the U. S. will simply allow Saddam to build up a larger and deadly armory.

The Middle East and the Muslim world in wide ranging did not together in carry of al Qaeda history. The Americans public is at the moment trained for war, willing to admit causalities as well as strongly supports the president. In the past seven years there has been immense treaty of tension to the United States and Iraq the United States have been converting demeanor. References www. dailykos. com www. aei. org/the Reagan revolution www. iv3. newsmax. com/a/real_obama

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