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A SAMPLE OF PREVIOUS MANAGING MARKETS EXAM QUESTIONS 1. "Marketing is just about putting the gloss on the products we provide" Discuss with reference to marketing orientation and the marketing concept. 2. You have been asked by the Chief Executive of Frozen Food Manufacturer, Birds Eye, to produce a marketing plan: 2a. Analyse and evaluate macro-environmental factors affecting the plan 2b. Analyse and evaluate customer and competitor issues affecting the plan a. Indicate some possible ways of segmenting the market for mobile phones. Discuss how each approach can be used for marketing decision making 3b. If you were a new player in the mobile phone market how would you go about positioning yourself in the market? 4. You are a market research agency who has been approached by a company who is considering entering the market for MP3 players. Produce a research plan that will help their decision making. 5.

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How would the marketing mix for a Swatch watch compare with that for a Rolex Watch? 6. Discuss fully which, if any, element of the marketing mix is the most important in the successful marketing for family cars. Fully justify your arguments and conclusions and illustrate your arguments with examples. 7. Discuss fully, giving justification for your arguments, which distribution policies – intensive, selective, or exclusive – would be most suitable for the following products. ) luxury executive cars, b) Levi jeans, c) handmade ladies and gents’ knitwear, d) Omega wristwatches, e) flavoured yoghurt, f) mature farmhouse cheese. 8. A mobile phone company has approached you as marketing consultant to help it increase sales to the youth market. The company has asked you to put forward a promotional strategy. 8a. How you develop the promotional strategy? 8b. What would you consider to be the most important elements of the promotional mix for this target audience?

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