Essential Qualities of a Good Business Letter

Last Updated: 17 Aug 2022
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Difficult words should be strictly avoided, as one cannot expect the reader to refer to the dictionary every time while reading letter.

  1. Clarity - The language should be clear, so that the receiver will understand the message Immediately, easily and correctly. Ambiguous language creates confusion. The letter will serve the purpose If the receiver understands it In the same manner In which It is intended by the sender.  The statements written in the letter should be accurate to, the best of the sender's knowledge. Accuracy demands that there are no errors In the usage of language - in grammar, spellings, punctuations etc. An accurate letter is always appreciated.
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  3. Completeness - A complete letter is one that provides all necessary information to the users. For example, while sending an order we should mention the desirable features of the goods, I. E. , their quality, shape, lour, design, quantity, date of delivery, mode of transportation, etc.
  4. Relevance - The letter should contain only essential Information. Irrelevant Information should not be mentioned while sending any business correspondence
  5. Courtesy - Courtesy wins the heart of the reader. In business letters, courtesy can be shown/ expressed by using words like please, thank you, etc.
  6. Neatness - A neat letter is always Impressive. A letter either handwritten or typed should be neat and attractive in appearance. Overwriting and cuttings should be avoided. Outer Qualities - The outer qualities of a good business letter refers to the appearance of the letter. It Includes the quality of paper used, color of the paper, size of the paper etc. Good quality paper gives a favorable Impression In the mind of the reader. It also helps in documenting the letters properly.
  7. Quality of paper - The paper used should be In accordance with the economic status of the firm. Now-a-days the cost of the paper is very high.

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