Porsches Operations System

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In line with Neurohr the IT manager for Advanced Planning and Optimization at Porsche, Porsche is for pure innovation, emotion and fascination. Porsche’s Information (2005) Communications Services is invented to manage information at sports-car manufacturer Porsche. Some of the systems managed may include computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) applications.

A solution Management Optimization Services is tasked with deployment and management of local computer networks and of the infrastructure for data communications between production plants, subsidiaries, and offices within Porsche, and between Porsche and its many suppliers and service providers. Key decision areas Porsches’ supply chain management system is responsible for distribution and marketing of all cars. The key decision areas here being vehicle and spare parts importation functions, financial management system, Porsche Warranty System and globally operating customization system.

Inline with Neurohr 2005 “the key distribution supply chain blocks include inventory purchasing, shipping, customs and receiving inventory, sales management, financials, warehousing, dispatch, warranty and service” Porsche organization Being synonymous with innovation, Porsche ensures engineering excellence and exceptional brand appeal and to maintain this outstanding reputation at all levels, state-of-the-art telecommunications and information systems are essential. Challenges Exchange of secure and seamless information between manufactures, suppliers or importers, designers, engineers and other dealers ought to be crucial.

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Generally this enables a company to avoid misappropriation of trade secrets and hence keep business information confidentially. Porsche need to offers IT services all along its automotive supply chain, from the inputs who are the suppliers of the raw materials to be used in manufacturing, manufacturers and development teams to dealers and exporters through to Web applications for end-customers. To ensure reliability and availability, it requires a highly stable operating system for its Web services and dealer management systems.

All companies require a flexible and reliable system with the ability to offer support at a lower cost of ownership. There is needed of ensuring high availability for customer friendly interface for example, provision of a graphical Car Configuration tool enabling web visitors customize any vehicle to their own precise specifications and view the results in real time. Any loss of performance or availability for this service would reflect badly on brands, potentially even resulting in a lost in sale.

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