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Police Monitoring Of Social Networking Activities

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My opinion about social network, is that it is a place where you can chat and have fun whit your friends. It has begun to be a place where people compete with each other to radiate their perfect life.

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Police Monitoring Of Social Networking Activities

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. up on Facebook, in the hope for “likes” and lovely comments. I think it is okay when people are writing and boosting pictures about themselves. When people begun to exhibit other by posting pictures and video of them, is grotesque because they just do it because of get success.

In my opinion, people should not think about posting pictures or videos of people they don’t know. If people think that their videos or pictures are for the benefit of police then send them a mail rather than share it with the whole world. It is the police job to catch the criminals; not the young’s. To my mind is it extremely disrespectful to exhibit the rough; they have it difficult enough already. The rough have often not learnt about the right and wrong things in their life, they just want to be seen.

Some people think they are cool, when they post picture of their crime at the social media, but in the end they are shoot oneself in the foot. The police is upgraded and they are watch over the social media. Some people think that it is unpleasant to know that the police are watch oneself. As I see it, it’s a good idea because it helps the police to catch the criminals. It is mostly the rough how don’t like this electronic surveillance because they are scared to be arrested

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