Paralegals role in the legal system

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A paralegal plays a big role in the legal system

Under their supervising attorney they are responsible to perform many tasks. These include interviewing clients and witnesses, investigation facts, conducting discoveries and drafting pleadings and other documents. They are also called upon to perform administrative tasks as well. These may include conflicts checking and the very important Job of time keeping.

To be able to perform these tasks effectively and to meet the rigorous demands of deadlines, a paralegal must possess certain skills. Skills common to all paralegals include resourcefulness, commitment, analytical skills, interpersonal skills, communication skills, professionalism, human relations skills, and soft skills.

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Attorneys have the American Bar Association to enforce their ethical behavior, likewise paralegals have their own associations. Two major legal assistant organizations that provide an ethical code for their members are the National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NAP) and the National Association of Legal Assistants.

Under no circumstances should a paralegal misrepresent themselves as a lawyer. If they do they are committing the unauthorized practice of law.

Ethical guidelines differ from state to state

Conflicts of Interest is defined as "situations where the interest or loyalties of the lawyer and client may be or may appear to be adverse of divided. An example of conflict of interest would be if a lawyer represents the husband In a divorce case then down the road represents the wife in a child custody case against the same former husband. This Is where conflicts checking plays a very Important role.

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