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How Can the American Legal System

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How can the American legal system, which is so devoted to protecting individual rights, justify itself morally if it jeopardizes, through its own rules, the right of law-abiding citizens to personal peace and security? Although this is a very tough subject and every one in the United States will disagree with this question but I will start out by asking it anyway “ Is there any case in which the American law should put the law above the protection of its citizens? ” I found that I will have to answer this question with a hard NO! Because the American government has been sworn to the duty of protecting the itizens of the United States. To answer the question for this essay I am going to refer to the 9/11/01 attacks against the United States as a whole.

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How Can the American Legal System

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. That is how this started we the people of the United States allowed those people to come over here to pursue their goals in life so they chose to go to flight school just so they would be able to use it against us (the United States). The death toll of the attacks was 2,995, including the 19 hijackers.

The overwhelming majority of casualties were civilians, including nationals of over 70 countries. In addition, there is at least one secondary death – one person was ruled by a medical examiner to have died from lung disease due to exposure to dust from the World Trade Center's collapse. (1) Now this is nothing about the billions of dollars in damage that was done to our nation. But this does go to show you that if the American government and legal system denies the people of our far United States this is just some of what other countries feel they would be able to do.

To deny the people of the United States their peace and security can and does go unanswered for by the government. Although the government or American legal system may feel that this is justified by denying the people their peace and security but what of the feeling they would get without the feelings of peace and security. No I don't feel that the American law system can justify itself what so ever for the act of denying the people their peace and security.

When the American law system starts to feel that they can take our peace and security from us for the sake of protecting individual rights then this country ust doesn't stand a chance against the countries whom wish do do us hard. So I say that no the American law system can not justify itself in morally or any other way when it comes to the people's feelings of peace and security personal or otherwise. With out the feelings of peace and security then the people would feel out of control and therefore the country would be out of control and any one that wanted to would be able to come over here and hurt our country in any way they feel fit.

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