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Office Administration Project Learning Objectives At the end of this project students will be able to: Prepare an application for a job Complete application forms for employment Prepare various types of follow-up letters, letters of acceptance/non-acceptance Mark Scheme Task Description Mark Allocated Dream Job A. Reason for Interest In the particular Job chosen B. Qualifications necessary for the Job chosen 10 2 Resume Resume complete with all its relevant parts Dream Job Cover Letter Application Form Accurate completion of form 3 A. B. C. D. 8 4 Letter of application

Follow-up letter Acceptance letter Letter declining offer Resignation letter Presentation A. Cover page (name, class, date project was given & due, teacher's name and title of project) B. Table of Contents (complete with headings and page numbers) C. Introduction (Give an overview of project) D. Acknowledgements E. Body of Project Conclusion (summary of the project and how they benefited from doing the project) G. Reference page Assignment Part 1 Outline what your dream Job is upon leaving school and the qualifications necessary for obtaining that Job. Remember it must be an entry level position.

One paragraph should be sufficient. Part 2 Create a resume tailed for your dream Job. This resume must truly reflect who you are while containing all the necessary parts. Part 3 Letters You are charged with the responsibility of constructing a cover letter to accompany your dream Job resume. This application letter must be addressed to a suitable organization. The letter is to be typed in full block style. Letters must have proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. Part 4 Using the information provided on the advertisement for Sour Sop Grove Hotel sections MUST be completed.

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Worksheet Part 5 Soup Sop Grove Hotel is seeking an individual to fill a position of Requirements for Receptionist: Must have over 5 EX. subjects Mathematics and English included 0 Computer Literate (Microsoft Word, Excel and Publisher) Must be between age 18 and over Must have a bubbly and pleasant personality Must be able to work under pressure Requirements for Accounts Clerk: Must have over 5 EX. subjects Accounting, Mathematics and English included Must have Cookbooks basic knowledge Must be able to work under little or no supervision Computer Literate Microsoft Word, Excel and Publisher) All applicants must be citizens of Antigen and Barbuda or have rights to work in Antigen and Barbuda. Only suitable applicants will be acknowledged. All applicants are required to send applications to the following address. Soup Sop Grove Hotel Human Resources Department Linesmen Beach SST. Marry Antigen Deadline for application is December 7th, 2013 You are required to do the following: 1 .

Application letter 0 Write a letter applying for one of the positions in the above advertisements. 2. Follow-up letter 0 You have not received a reply to your application to Sour Sop Grove Hotel for the session for which you applied. Two months have passed. Write a follow-up letter. 3. Acceptance letter 0 Assume that you have been offered the position for which you have applied at the Sour Sop Grove Hotel. You were sent two copies of a contract of employment. Write a letter accepting the position. Letter Declining the Offer 4. 0 Assume for some reason you have decided not to accept the post offered you at the Sour Sop Grove Hotel. Write a letter to the firm declining the offer. 5.

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