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Bendigo Bank Head Office

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In a close outlook, one would perhaps be attracted by the attractive nature of the Bending Bank Head Office. The building is in a potential and attractive architectural design with various environmental friendly features. Its feature is perhaps a potential tool that promotes the facets of going green to protecting the environment. What specific feature can be ascribed to this building? Are they potential tools towards protecting the environment? However, these questions are adequately answered by the physique of the building. The architectural design is provided to be environmental friendly.

(http://www. plugger. com. au/view/1847308/) The building is smartly located in first 5 Green star building, which is one of the Australian cities. By its physical outlook, the bank’s main building comprises of six storeys, the ground, four office floors and a car park. The floors assigned for the office has a leasable area which is approximated as been 13577 square meters. This building is architecturally linked to the former building for the bank’s Head office which therefore provides office space specification of around 16000 square meters. (http://www.

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Bendigo Bank Head Office

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plugger. com. au/view/1847308/) The architectural component of the building comprises of various ESD features that have come as an innovation to improve the potential relationship between the building and the environment. The features are many and provide a very attractive image of the building. These includes an under floor system of air conditioning, both gray and black system of water recycling, external systems of sun shades which are build on the western and northern sides of the building and internal blinds that are uniquely automated.

Elsewhere, the building has windows of a double glazed capacity that provide deep sect of lighting within its framework. It has a light dimming compensation system for the daylight, which is made of a unique architectural perimeter zone. (http://www. plugger. com. au/view/1847308/) A system of collecting rainwater is evident which creates saving of water for use in various processes within the building. It has an attractive package of workstations and carpets as well as low paint emission that permit collective cleanliness and attractiveness in the building.

A package of water heating system of solar energy provides a tool for energy saving within the building. Uniquely, it has an atria of two full length of height that are used in ensuring that the staff are placed within a domain of 8 metres in reach of the natural light. (http://www. bendigobank. com. au/public/Community/index. asp) The complimentary physical characteristics are perhaps an important tool that guides towards sustainable and environmental friendly situation. Firstly, the nature of the building is specially structured in making a reduction in power use by 50%.

This is an important aspect in the campaign of going green towards saving the environment. Either, it has a potentially high quality in internal environment, which is provided by more light penetration and the substance of fresh air within its space. Its architectural design is specifically made to improve the productivity of its staff through high standard working conditions. It has features aimed at both waste and water recycling to keep the environment clean. The material used for its coating and furnishing are of high environmental friendly standards permitting reasonable condition.

It has been rated as a 5 Green star building due to its high architectural environment. (Karlson, Michael, 2005, 98) Generally, Bendigo Bank is focused on the community and the general environment. The development of its new office was to capture the ideal essence of the reflection that it has towards the environment and general high conditions for work by its staff. To meet this challenge, it has a compound of high quality and a location that is friendly to its staff in terms of the environment. It has ensured high quality indoor air condition and saving structures for water and energy.

Achieving this goal was contributed by its choice of excellent builder and architects, which worked together with the bank’s administration as a team. (Gray, Geoffrey, 2001, 66) Work cited Bendigo Bank’s 5 Star Green Building In Regional Australia Retrieved on 8th May 2008 from http://www. plugger. com. au/view/1847308/ Bendigo Bank. Retrieved on 8th May 2008 from http://www. bendigobank. com. au/public/Community/index. asp Karlson, H & Michael, H. The Natural Advantage of Nature. Earthscan, 2005, pp. 66 Gray, I & Geoffrey, L. A Future for Regional Australia: Escaping Global, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2001, pp. 98

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