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Introducing new products to the market is a must for business organizations if they want to keep up with trends and changes within the market and maintain their position within the corporate arena. Through time, and continuous influence of modernization, companies will begin to offer new products that are fresh and innovative in order to provide urgent needs and demands dictated by change. Moreover, the ability of companies to introduce new products through product development and innovation determines the rate or level of success that it is able to accomplish.

Improving or inventing products that meet the standards and expectations of consumers will enable the organization to obtain a large and loyal client base consequently influencing organizational success in terms of the rate of return of investment, and such. (Korth, 2005) For the remainder of this text, two new products introduced recently to the market will be discussed according to assumptions and perceptions regarding their appeal to the market and consumers.

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A newly introduced product that provides promising value and success for the organization will be discussed, following a newly introduced product that is more likely to repel the market or consumers. The standards or guidelines in determining whether each product holds a promising future in the market will be based on their features and characteristics as compared to existing products, the kind of services that it can offer to consumers, and the functionality or utility of each product.

Apparently, the more useful a product is, the more it will be patronized by majority of the consumer population. A new product introduced to the market is Motorola’s au Box released on September this year. The au Box is the result of the collaboration between Motorola and KDDI, a Japan-based operator for mobile-related services. It primarily enables users to transfer files or data to and from mobile phones. Motorola and KDDI also decided to add some other features that might entice consumers to purchase the au Box.

Some of these features include the capability to play and rip CDs through the integrated speakers. Aside from this value-added service, users of the au Box will be able to access various types of files and information, from videos and music files to pictures, from their mobile phones to the au Box and vice versa. (“Motorola Launches au BOX Multimedia Set Top Box,” 2008) The target market for the au Box constitutes service creation operators as well as individuals who would want to utilize the device at home.

Moreover, the au Box will appeal to individuals who are always on the go, as the device enables consumers to access their media library of pictures, videos, and music anytime and anywhere they want as long as they have the setup box and their mobile phones with them. (Motorola, 2008) Perhaps, this characteristic of the au Box is the reason why it will not be appealing to the market. First, the primary purpose of utilizing mobile phones that are capable of storing pictures, videos, and music is for convenience in terms of bringing a single handheld device anywhere you go. Utilizing the au Box will defeat the purpose of convenience.

In addition, there are other devices that are already able to execute the features of the au Box. Personal computers, laptops, and even iPods are able to store music, pictures, and video files for retrieval whenever there is a need to transfer them to and from the mobile phone. The inefficiency or inappropriateness of the au Box as a new device introduced to the market does not apply to Apple’s new generation of iPod nano. The new generation iPod nano was introduced to the market last September. It is an update of the previous iPod nano version, making it the fourth edition of the line released just recently.

The iPod nano greatly differs from its predecessors as it comes in nine different chromatically attractive colors that appeal to different moods or likes or users. In addition, it is integrated with an accelerometer technology that allows the views to change from portrait to landscape as it is moved from side to side and the music to shift to the next song once it is shaken back and forth. Other built-in features include the musical genius which ties up songs that are similar in terms of the beat or genre and the transforms the selection into a singular play list.

Overall, the iPod nano fourth generation is a device that allows consumers to store pictures, videos, music, television show, audio book, and pod cast files, while at the same time providing entertainment and organization by offering games and calendar or notes applications. (“iPod Nano,” 2008) The iPod technology has been popular since its release years back. Since then, Apple has continually provided various iPod developments and innovations that capture the market in an instant.

Although the new generation of iPod nano is only a spin off of previous iPod nano models, the ability of Apple to incorporate new technologies and applications to the product earns the device the interest and attention from the market or consumers. Aside from developing or improving the features of previous iPod nano editions, the new generation of iPod nano offers new and different features and applications which make it a novel and exceptional device that consumers will want to purchase. s References “iPod Nano. ” (2008). Retrieved November 20, 2008, from Apple Inc. Website: http://www. apple. com/ipodnano/features. html Korth, K. (2005).

The Importance of Innovation and New Product Development. Retrieved November 20, 2008, from Automotive Design & Production. Website: http://www. autofieldguide. com/columns/0105insight. html “Motorola Launches au BOX Multimedia Set Top Box. ” (2008). Retrieved November 20, 2008, from David Altavilla and HotHarware. com, LLC. Website: http://hothardware. com/cs/forums/t/40189. aspx Motorola. (2008). Motorola Makes Media Mobility a Reality With Launch of Multimedia Set Top Platform. Retrieved November 20, 2008, from Motorola, Inc. Website: http://www. motorola. com/mediacenter/news/detail. jsp? globalObjectId=10199_10128_23&pageLocaleId=2026

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