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My Learning Experience l. The Peers In our first day, each other are Just strangers. But, In the end, we are like friends In a long time because we are close to each other. Our class becomes fun and happy at the same time. We did not pay so serious In our subject but when It comes to our Implementation we become serious and responsible. I learned how to socialize to others. When I'm in our class, I forget my problems and stress because to my classmates who are always Joking even If they Jokes are not so good, Oust kludging guys ha-ha).

Mostly In my classmates are very friendly and enjoyable to be with them. And also, In my group mates where are responsible to each other assigned tasks. II. My Facilitator My facilitator is kind, understanding and responsible to do her Job. She has always very wide patience to us because we know that we are so jolly and sometimes irresponsible. She taught us many lesson and what is the easiest process in blood typing. Ill. My unforgettable Experience My unforgettable experience would be our flirt implementation because my group is signed to prick and examine what are the client's blood types.

My friends know that I'm so afraid when I realize that my NSP program is about blood. And this is the best experience I ever had because this time I faced my fears in blood and injection. IV. What I learned? In this program, I learned so many things like for example how to get and examine what is the blood type of others; how to communicate with the clients and be friendly; and mostly, how to be responsible to the tasks where I'm assigned in a class.

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