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Learning Experience at Texas

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Texas A&M was certainly an experience different from anything I encountered before. I surely have had my share of studying in high school – in fact, it seemed at times that I had had more than I really wanted. The semester at Texas A&M, on the contrary, left me eager for more, seeking new revelations, interesting discoveries, meetings with friends and greater scope. It has also left me with a better understanding of the world so exquisitely made by our Creator and appreciation of its wonders.

Education is certainly no small feat, and one needs real inspiration to get through the challening workload of math problems, English essays, and learning new concepts and ideas. The time I spent at Texas A&M not only helped me improve my educational background, equipping me with instruments to approach complex things, but also boosted my inspiration to overcome challenges and move toward my professional goals, step by step, each day making these goals come closer. I know now what I see as my main step: it is the completion of the Bachelor’s program at Texas Christian University. Its program is tailor-made to fit my personal needs and will help me move on in life.

Texas A&M was to me a great lesson in the value of education. The time spent there also left me with a more serious attitude toward college studies. Being a Hurricane Katrina student, I for a time lived with the sense that there are more important problems to get over in this world than studies, and my mind was often focused on other things. This naturally affected my performance.

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As time went by, however, I could not remain indifferent to the intense learning process that was going on around. I learned that getting engrossed in studies was a good way to cope with shock, and that being in possession of valuable information makes one better prepared to conquer problems and challenges and take control of life.

My strong Christian faith was a continuous source of inspiration in my studies at Texas A&M. It was my Walk with God that gave me the strength to master a new environment, improve my educational potential, and improve my educational performance. My prayers were a source of consolation in times of need and provided inspiration when I had to make another leap forward in my learning. I cannot underestimate the support of my friends.

The environment at Texas A&M turned out to be ideal for establishing friendly contacts, and I at once felt encouragement and attention of other students who were willing to help me, given my traumatic background as a Hurricane Katrina student. I see human communication as an inalienable part of the education process. It is one feature that makes it inherently appealing to a sociable person like myself, eager to absorb knowledge through collective learning effort.

My studies at Texas A&M were only a springboard for my future academic endeavors. In fact, I strongly believe that from this point on, I am about to embark on a lifelong learning adventure. I trust the words of Robert M. Hutchins who said “The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives.” I hope that college will give me a strong background from which to see and learn new things, quickly putting them in context. Such learning can never stop because a human mind is always receptive to new and new turns of events that swirl around.

I believe that education obtained at Texas Christian University will prove to be an ideal foundation from which to begin my professional career. With its powerful Christian focus and impressive academic strength, the university will be an ideal place for me to turn myself into a really educated person. The university is an excellent opportunity to reach my goals and aspirations in life. I hope to get a chance to prove my worthiness of this great academic and Christian tradition receiving a place in TCU’s program.


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