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A Learning Experience

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Each individual in the general society has their own respective life course and experiences based upon the decisions they choose whenever faced a certain circumstance or an encounter with another human person. Each person react differently on these experiences as part of the individuality complex of the human nature.

However, similar on all occasion, each individual can learn an important lesson from each of these encounter or circumstance which is essential to their personal development. If a person is willing enough and is open towards the nature of the experience, he or she can effective be enlighten from the moral significance of the event. Thus, through the actual experience of each person that he or she learns to develop and improve into a better human person.

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On regards to this aspect, the author of this paper has also experience a certain circumstance from where he learned a valuable lesson that he still holds until the present. From this experience, the author of this paper has seen the value of time on which it only gives a single opportunity for an individual to succeed in a scenario for a moment.

As the proverbs of wise always say, time is precious with worth as of gold. In the fiber of time, every second counts continuously passing by then never coming back thus, it is important to give importance for each moment of it. Given this in an actual circumstance made the author of this paper realize the important value of each moment thus, learning never to waste another second of it.

During the period of youth of subject of this experience, he was used to moments of having second opportunity wherein if one chance is wasted then another is given.

This is a certain privilege that the author of this paper has always enjoyed through all of his experiences particularly in his educational institution. Teachers and educational facilitators have always given this boy a privilege (or a handicap) due to various personal reasons such as family background, excellent manipulation through words, social influence and others.

It is as if the fate of opportunity landed upon the hands of this boy enabling him to manipulate time and chances for his own personal success. However, this has taught him a negative lesson on which he become used to this privilege. Indeed, the errors of his ways has struck back unexpectedly leading to a disastrous ending.

A critical examination important for his overall educational performance has come and as always, this boy never paid much attention to it regardless of the time constraint it has for the preparation period. He regarded this task at its specific period to be insignificant because of his expectation for special exemption.

However, beyond his knowledge, the administrator for the examination came from another institution on which he has not control over thus, negating his privileges. He was forced to have the tasks at its given period with any preparation at all.

This disastrous encounter has reflected its influence upon the result affecting the course of his educational potential forcing him to step a level down. From this encounter he has learned that time indeed does not honor special privileges, social influence and others. It views the public as equal under its power and control giving each individual a specific opportunity for each moment.

However, the wheel of time has given the boy another opportunity in the form of a lesson, which was deeply engraved in his mind. From that moment, he has realized his mistake and give time the value it deserve through never wasting another moment of it.

He focused his interest to what it important particularly his education and was able to succeed in his own course of life. From his experience, he has learned a valuable lesson, which he strongly holds in his track towards the future. Because of this change, he was able to succeed and share this lesson through the narration of this story to move others to give value to their own time and opportunity.

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