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Since most managers' lack specialized knowledge, like the latest laws and rules, it is very risky to not have HER professionals. According to the authors of all three of the articles, HER should be adding value and causing a good business flow by being a business partner to an organization. HER professionals should be pin-pointing critical points of the business where the strategy succeeds or fails, and providing relevant talent solutions. HER should be a business partner to a company and not Just a department. According to Hammond, there are four reasons why HER is "uniquely unsuited" to do what it should be doing.

First, HER doesn't tend to hire a lot of independent thinkers interested in business or people who stand up as moral compasses. Second, HER has a tendency to measure amount of input, but not output. For example, they know the amount of training that each employee has but do not know how that training has positively influenced the business decisions of that employee. Third, HER forfeits long-term value for short-term cost efficiency. Lastly, HER does not have its ear to top management. According to Muddy, HER can be more impacting within organizations by simply asking 'does it cause friction in the business r does it create flow?

Hammond believes that the HER function of companies like Yahoo, Hunter Douglas, and Cardinal Health are bringing HER into the realm of business strategy. These companies are truly making HER a business partner. Hammond believes that these companies are doing it right by trusting and listening to HER in order to properly assess what the company needs and then finding the talent to fill that hole. The companies have also done right by properly identifying HER as an important part of their company. From these three articles I can draw that HER s a department with a lot of problems.

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Some companies have not used HER to its full potential. HER sometimes is valued so little that even the people hired into this function of the company can't execute the plans that are put into place. HER is under- used and under-appreciated in most of today's companies. In my opinion the role of HER is to keep employees happy, and to hire and train employees that will be beneficial to their team. Also, in my opinion the importance of HER is very high because without a strong HER department your employees will end up being unhappy or misused.

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