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Music: a Magicful Medicine

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Music:A Magicful Medicine Fine arts always have been a good way to express oneself for thousand years. One of them is a magical and a powerful way to affect people,both negatively and positively. Music is not just a way to fun or just an art. Almost everyone loves it,some of them say that they can not live without it. However,above all,music is able to do many things. There are a lot of ways that music effects people. As it was mentioned above, music has both negative and possitive effects on us. But these effects are usually possitive.

First of all, and it is the most interesting affect maybe, it can cure diseases. Of course it can not be as effective as pills but it really helps during the cure. Due to the fact that music has an enormous affect on humain brain, it helps Alzheimers mostly and it is used as a rehabilitation. It reduces the worst effect of the disease: it brings back the lost memories. Until today, a lot of patients made a good progress by listening to music. In addition, music also repairs patients’ brains damage, like ‘Kenny Roger Effect’. It is a vacation that shows how music can repair a human brain. Because songs by country performer Rogers were among the stroke patients’ preferred tunes,we were thinking of calling this the Kenny Rogers Effect. ’ was said in an interview by Dr Soto. And interestingly, Rogers’ songs also provided the greatest benefits, according to some study findings. Another disease which music can be used as a cure is cancer, maybe the most dangerous one ever. Just like in Alzheimer, there are a lot of good examples which can prove music’s effects on cancer. Firstly, it reduces stress and makes people feel more cheerful.

We all know that what kind of songs we listen to can change our mood easily, we can suddenly start crying or feeling better just by listening to music. During the cancer rehabilitation, patients’ moods, feelings and thoughts are very important. Music can raise patients’ spirit and help them to feel better and less stressful. On the other hand, music is a very good way to learn and understand easily. Because of that, it can be applied education, especially in childhood. Music helps children during their education life. It is a really effective way to make a good progress in education.

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According to the last researches, children who play a musical instrument are more succesful in their school life than the others. The reason is simple: Playing an instrument makes a lot of parts of your brain work at the same time which is a very beneficial thing,especially for children. By the same token, children who interest in music are also more succesful than the others. There are two benefits of music for children. First, it helps them to understand easily. Today, people goes courses to understand and concentrate quickly. Because by just listening a song (a special song of course) you can do this.

Classic music for example is a good alternative. Listening a song from Beethoven can make your brain waves decelerate and this is one of the ways to improve your brain’s capasity. Another good effect of music is that it can improve intelligence. We all have seen a Mozart cd for babies or children at least for once. It is because there are so many examples of listening classic music can improve babies intelligence especially during the pregnancy. The works of Mozart and Beethoven are famous for mental function, because the frequencies used are very specific and place the mind in highly distinctive states.

Studies have repeatedly shown that babies IQ rises by 3-5 points. Classic music also can make the memory stronger –not for just babies for everyone- and a strong memory is a good proof of an intelligence. To sum up, listening to music is just a free-time activity for a lot of people but in fact it is like a magical medicine for us. It has unbelievable effects on our body and brain and today these effects are being used as cures for cancer and Alzheimer. In other words, music is like a gift for people. Birnur Sahin Section:22 28/12/12

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