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By the end of this module, successful students will typically be able to; demonstrate the ability to critically analyse and evaluate the reality of complex IHRM and employment relations issues from a variety of perspectives; demonstrate the ability to relate theory to practice; demonstrate the ability to evaluate the relative strengths and weaknesses of selected national HRI employment relations systems; demonstrate the ability to undertake ystematic management research as required by module assessments and in- module participation, synthesise information and reference appropriately; communicate effectively verbally and in writing; demonstrate the ability to use initiative and independence in study and application. 3 Format of Delivery There is one lecture (1 hour) and one seminar (1 hour) per week. 4 How StudyNet will be used to support this module StudyNet will be used for providing lecture notes and other materials relating to each session. These will be accessible prior to each lecture. StudyNet will be used for all ommunication on the module. Additional reading and links to Journal articles will be put in the 'Additional Reading folder under 'Teaching Resources'. You should consult this folder on a regular basis as the readin supports your module.

Teaching methods used on this module The module will use a variety of teaching methods which include lectures, seminars and workshops. A feature of the module is the emphasis placed upon student presented seminars. Students are expected to participate fully in the module. Prior to each session, they are expected to familiarise themselves with the lecture topic by rawing upon the detailed guided reading and to read selectively from the seminar reading list. In addition, they are encouraged to keep abreast of current events and be prepared to discuss these and their own work experiences (where appropriate) in the seminar groups. This variety of methods will enable students to effectively achieve the module learning outcomes.

Students are expected to attend this module regularly as an essential part of their learning lies not only in the lecture but also in the contribution that students make to the seminar programme. If students are unable to attend, they must advise the tutors. a Module schedule and lecture/seminar information In this section you will find a week by week schedule for this module. There is one lecture (1 hour) and one seminar (1 hour) per week. Please note that there are sometimes unforeseen circumstances, such as staff illness, that may necessitate communicate these changes to you in good time. The table below provides a summary of the teaching programme. You need to consult the full schedule for the directed reading.

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