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Guide for the Course English 100

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English 100 is a very important course as far as our college education is concerned. It is the basic foundation for our higher education. It equips us with skills which help us to cope with the challenges which we are bound to encounter as we pursue our college education.

English 100 is a course that is basically designed to assist the students to develop critical writing and reading skills. It is a build up for what we learned in the high school only this time we are required to adapt to a college way of thinking.

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To be a successful student in this crucial course one must do things in the right way. In this paper I will take you through what you should do so that at the end of it all you can come out shining. It is based on my own experience as an English 100 student and also tips taken from the various   experts of this area.

One of the biggest asset you have as a student is time, how you mange it will determine your destiny as a student as it will greatly influence your performance in this course and your studies in general.

It is very important that you take control of your time as a student in this course. You should make a plan on how you are going to utilize your time as far as this course is concerned. You should prioritize the most urgent and important activities giving them ample time so that you can produce quality work which will earn you good grades.

You will be given many assignments which will require your input, if you plan your time well late submission of papers will not affect you. Late submission is highly penalized and it is something you can easily avoid through managing your time properly.

You should make a time table early enough allocating areas which you feel you are weak more time than the other to get enough time to tackle them. It is also important to allocate some time for interaction with your fellow students so that you can learn from them also. (Lannon, J 11 2006)

Class attendance allows the student to have an interactive session with the instructors and the other students. You should make a point of attending the classes regularly to ensure you gain maximally .If by any chance miss any lesson make sure you ask what was covered and go through it before the next session.

Through this you ensure that you at no any time   you lag behind in your studies. While in class you should participate actively without fear of making mistakes. It is only through making these mistakes that you will learn to be confident. We all learn from the mistakes we make now and then, just bear in mind nobody is perfect. If your fellow colleagues we perfect surely you would not be seated in the same class with them learning this course, they would be somewhere else.

It is also very important that you learn to respect other people opinions; at no time should you laugh at other people mistakes as this can affect your studies negatively.

This is a very interactive course where you will learn greatly from the other, that is why you should at all cost try to maintain good relations with your fellow students and also with the instructors. (Lannon, J 18 2006)

Instructors are there for us and we should make every effort to utilize them to our advantage. Any difficulties that you may be experiencing should be discussed with your instructor. Always book an appointment with your instructor to avoid disappointment since there are other students who require the same kind of help from them.

Group work has helped me a lot in polishing my writing skills as I have been able to get some vital tips from my fellow students. It is also in group work where your work can be read by the other student and get their opinion about it. On the other hand you will have a chance to go through their piece of work and offer advice where necessary.

 Always give an honest opinion about your colleagues work but at the same time bearing in mind not to hurt their feelings as this may come to haunt you later.

Note taking is an essential part of this course; it is advisable that you develop an accurate method of taking notes which can be referred to later when revising. Aim at noting all the important points you come across either in the cause of group discussion or class lectures. (Lannon, J 39 2006)

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