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Merci Beaucoup

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No other city in the world can have an outstanding classical and modern architecture, free-spirited fashion, a unique culture, and exotic cuisine like Paris. Located on the River Seine, Paris offers famous tourist attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and the Notre Dame Cathedral just to name a few. France’s captivating capital, is said to be one of the most visited cities nowadays. Once tourists visit Paris, they instantly fall in love with this sensational city.

Walking in the mazes streets of Paris, I was compelled to gaze upon the Notre Dame Cathedral. Its gothic, antiquated architecture is so distinctive. Looking up at the eerie sculptures above the cathedral, I could feel my face light up. The cathedral was so stunning to look at! As I examined the massive voluminous bell and the eye-catching intricate carvings, I was awed. The cathedral looked very exquisite with its towering walls. I felt like I was in the old, Medieval Age.

There is no doubt that the Notre Dame Cathedral is the most famous cathedral worldwide. Across the river, I got a glimpse of the renowned glass pyramid museum, the Louvre, a museum exceptional by any other. Inside the museum, I stumbled upon colorful artworks, shiny marble sculptures, and famous oil paintings such as the “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo DaVinci. I was charmed by this strange metallic sculpture. It wasn’t really famous although its peculiar shape and gleaming color seemed to attract my eyes.

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The Louvre is also the world’s best museum, with its avant-garde architecture and its legendary paintings. Of course, no tourist can miss visiting the magnificent Eiffel Tower, the symbol of Paris. The elevator going to the top of the Eiffel Tower is cramped with people, some of whom are pick-pocketers to be alert to watch out for. Up in the Eiffel Tower, I saw the panoramic view of Paris. The Football field and the towering skyscrapers were marvelous and breathtaking to look at. At night, the Eiffel Tower sparkles with light.

My eyes lit up with awe and wonder. This was the time I feel in love with this city. Most people enjoy a little bit of label, and Paris is a great place to buy cheaper designer items since Paris is the “fashion capital of the world”. Paris is home to many famous fashion houses such as, “Louis Vuitton”, “Chanel”, “Dior” etc. Tourists shouldn’t miss out window-shopping at Champ- Elysees. It has all the high-class boutiques from designers all around the world. The greatest part about a trip in Paris is their delicious, diverse, mouth-watering French cuisine.

Their croissants and baguettes have the perfect blend of crispy and soft; their various aged cheese are filled with bold flavor but have a horrid stench although the cheeses are a great compliment with their large velvet French grapes and lastly, who could forget about macaroons? Macaroons originated in France; therefore, France hosts the best macaroons in the world. Stop by at the renowned Lauderee macaroon shop and try one of their mouth-watering, traditionally handmade, signature macaroons.

They are described to be the best macaroons worldwide. Tourists can find great food in Paris anywhere, from Michelin star restaurants to patisseries and street food. No city in the world can ever be compared to Paris. The towering Cathedral, avant-garde architectures, haute couture and Lauderee macaroons say it all. Paris has the best of everything. It is the city of dreams. Paris ‘ streets are also filled with life and history. Tourists who visit this breathtaking city will surely come off with more than just a simple “merci”.

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