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McDonald’s organization

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In 1940, the brothers Mac and Dick McDonald started the McDonald’s product in California after moving their hotdog stand from Route 66 at San Bernadino to Monrovia Airport. Seeing that hamburgers were their most well-liked product, the brothers refashioned their restaurant in 1948 by producing a production line of hamburgers that were prepared even prior to being ordered (History of Things, 2009). For that reason, McDonald’s has become well-known product in hundreds nations all over the world mainly because it opened up the concept of fast food industry.

However, like any other industries ethical issues have also caused problems to the McDonald’s organization. In particular, the problem in healthy eating and obesity has continually confronted the organization. McDonald’s has been condemned for supplying inadequate nutritional facts about their foods as well as providing unbalance menu. Consequently, the organization is criticized for actively encouraging consumers, especially children and teenagers to make unhealthy preferences.

Another significant ethical issue of McDonald’s is the assertion that the organization takes advantage of children with its advertising. Through its eye-catching advertisements that can influence young minds, the organization has been accused for misleading the youngsters about their food, which can result in future health problems to them. Accordingly, a lawsuit on behalf of two New York children was once brought against McDonald’s.

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Taken as a whole, the purpose of this research is to present the historical success of the McDonald’s organization as well as the regular issues afflicting its decades of flourishing operation, particularly ethical issues on food health and child exploitation. Accordingly, the author will delve into a number of significant online sources as well as printed materials that are useful in providing vital information on the topic and subtopics of the paper. Reference History of Things. (2009). History of McDonald’s. Retrieved August 7, 2009, from http://www. historyofthings. com/history-of-mcdonalds

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