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MAS 500 operating system

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MAS 500 operating system can increase efficiency in management. It was built up with Microsoft office and Visual Basic and has been seen as good financial accounting software. (Sage software) MAS 500 can integrate business intelligence; order processing, distribution and manufacture (Sage software) and is designed to help companies manage operations. The software is dependable and reliable and covers all areas of e –business and can support large volumes of data and respond to growth in the business. (Tech target. 2008) MAS 500integrates with other applications and can be customised without programming.

(Tech target.

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2008) The disadvantage in its implementation is the cost involved to purchase the software and then train staff to use it. However, with the increased efficiency MAS 500 is often seen as a good investment reducing costs in the long run. The time taken to upgrade can be seen as a disadvantage as it cuts into business profits. MAS 500 have been seen that leading companies have taken this new software. Fortune Brands has upgraded and MAS 500 performs general ledger, accounts payable and cash management tasks. (Best software, 2003).

MAS 500 can automate areas of business management such as core and advanced financials, customer relationship management, project accounting, time and expense tracking, wholesale distribution, discrete manufacturing, warehouse management, human resources, payroll, e-business and business intelligence. (TechTarget. 2008)MAS 500 is user friendly and allows most companies to run it quickly in less time then previous soft wares. (Best software, 2003) Thus the cost constraint would eventually be outweighed by the many benefits this software has to offer.

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