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Operating System Upgrade Plan

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After the full investigation and the different failure scenarios have been taken into consideration a backup and disaster recovery plan can be considered Marriott, 2010). At this point a documentation of the Windows 2008 RE environment should be created and should include: Server configuration documents Server build documents Network diagrams Network device configuration SAN configuration Software documentation Service accounts and password documentation (Marriott, 2010). Windows Server 2008 RE has a built-in program that is a powerful backup system simply called Windows Server Backup that comes as part of the install.

The Windows Server 2008 RE backup can backup and restore system, file, folder, and application data. Administrators can easily backup data to locally attached disk, network shares, and DVD writable media (Marriott, 2010). Describe operating system file and services security features. NUTS will be the chosen file service for HAS. NUTS is very popular and has been around since NT 3. 5. 1 The NUTS file system has all of the features needed and is highly reliable, scalable, secure, and manageable. NUTS is a good fit for HAS because of the healthcare facilities size and locations.

NUTS not only supports large volumes, it will help with sharing permissions teens the healthcare facilities, 4 hospitals, 10 clinics, the physician's practice, and the research facility. Departments such as accounting and medical records do not need the same permissions and NUTS will allow for the correct paths to be setup (Marriott, et al. , 2010). Describe operating system configuration activities that support an appropriate hardware requirements solution. Before proceeding with the server installation certain prerequisites must be followed. Taking time to compile a list of needed items will allow for a faster installation.

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Haven’t found the relevant content? Hire a subject expert to help you with Operating System Upgrade Plan

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