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Marketing Strategies that Emerge from the SWOT Analysis

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Based from the given SWOT analysis, I would recommend to Graneer Inc. to pursue their plan of entry to the Indian market. It would not be problematic for the company to enter the Indian market since it is already determined the investment return is higher in India as compared to US. Although the entry will cost Graneer much, but in the long run, there would be greater market in India based from the current level of development it has.

With regards to the legal process of entering the Indian market, I would recommend Graneer to engage into partnership with any of the available local company in India since the current government imposes restrictions on foreign direct investments. Partnership would benefit the company more as compared to the remaining two choices. Summary and Request for Action Our company, with adequate number of capital and skilled workers, intends to widen its market coverage internationally to further increase our profits and sales turnovers.

India, one of the developing countries who are in need of our product is a perfect place for expansion. After conducting market analysis and researches, we come up with a solution of entering their market and expecting to experience the effect of the said expansion after a few more years of operating in the said market.

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