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Marketing Research Demak Motor

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Demak Motor group has produced various types of motorcycle in the market to the customers. Thus, to this date Demak Motor group facing some problem that we need to verified such as product acceptance toward consumer, price acceptance towards consumer, quality acceptance towards consumer and customer satisfaction of using Demak Motor. In our research we are reviewing the problem that Demak Motor are facing in order to improve this brand and to increase the acceptance toward consumer.

Demak Motor have a lower acceptance from consumer because Demak Motor are lesser know brand. Moreover this brand is expensive in term of service and changing the spear part. Besides that, there are numerous of complaint by the consumer that have bought the product brand which the Demak Motor cause many problem such as engine quality, the gear break, unavailable spare part and many more. Moreover, the design of the product is not attractive and some of its types of product imitated other motorcycle brand such as Yamaha and Honda.

Demak Motor also offered a lower price in selling their motorcycle to the customer. However, there are very expensive price when replacement the motorcycle spare part compared to other brand.

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The architecture of the engine is base on the 80’s design, which seems to be Honda Hawk 125cc local made but with poor quality. The engine is made by China companies with blueprinting from Japan but ended with poor material quality. The horsepower and the torque produced are lesser than similar engine capacity, and some worse than other brand motorcycle. Besides that, Demak Motor is imitation product because its look alike the Yamaha LC for Demak EvoZ and Yamaha Lagenda for Demak RevZ. Moreover, the part also easy to break, parts unavailable in the market, expensive to have replacement of the product, lack of design, and also not save to use.

Majority of customer that using Demak Motor motorcycle is not satisfy with the product it because this product are not reach the level of satisfaction among their customer. Other than that Demak Motor product also always have problem with the maintaining their quality in order to produce their product. Some users also complain that this product is not safe to use because the performance of the motorcycle are low and the some of the part are base on old design especially the engine.

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