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In 2013, riding on the strength of Flap Flap's Kid's business, the Company secured the 'rights to trade' for the children's contemporary fashion brands. This was an important milestone for the Flap Flap's Company; the Company was able to explore opportunities for reorienting and better retail space within major retail shopping complexes in Dave City and improve the Company's profile in the local fashion retail arena. In the meantime, the future augurs well for Flap Flap's Kid's Company in Dave City.

II. Target Market Description Demographics

They want their slipper to be originally made and staying very long at the nee place. Most of our consumers (children) like to go to the beach and play especially in summer Attitudes -half of our consumers (children) are naughty. Some visits to the park, beach, or playing area.

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Consumer Needs: They need to have a durable, nice, and want their children to be comfortable for the slipper they wear and feel safe. For example, the parents want their children playing around wearing a durable slipper that not easily break that can make their children in a harmful situation. Consumer Wants: -Durable slippers, convenient location, comfortable to wear, and affordable slippers.

Expectations: They expect that the slipper to be durable and comfortable that they can relax and play or walk well without hassle. They also expect that our goods and services are good, the presentation of the summer slipper. -The top three expectation factors for students are brand name, quantity, and quality whereas children want a durable slipper and brand familiarity. Geographic Our location for our Department is at NCSC Mall, SMS, Braze, and Gaining Mall. It is a very convenient location because many of our target markets go there. -urban, the size of the area is big and the population is high.

Lifestyle factors:

Class A- They live near malls or a Department Store branch. It can also be a "one-car away' for them.

Class B- The shoppers are on their way when they go to the park or beach. -There are schools nearby. Students like to go to the malls after school.  There are residents around Maintain that are mostly our target market. Ill. The Product a. Nature of the Product Flap Flaps looks like a fairly basic summer sandal: a rubber sole, two straps and wear.

Product parts and Features Features: Beach sandals Summer collection

Material: Rubber Color: Many Foot Wear Size: EURO: 30(XX) / 33(S) / 35(M)

Reasons for Producing

It is a fact that many people like summer slippers more than any other house shoes and bedroom slippers. It is very comfortable to slip into a soft and comfortable pair of summer slippers and which is usually a great way to end your day, and besides, it helps you to usher in a comfortable and relaxing day.

Cost of Materials: 2 Eclectics short Magnet with design Hallmark Scrapbook Women's slipper Men's slipper cost

Expenses: Transportation (Maintain-Gaining South pH back and forth) the cost of goods does not include operating expenses Such as rent, administrative salaries, and advertising)

Produced slippers: 2 pieces

Computation for initial selling price without mark up: Total cost and expenses over the number of products produced. 235. 50/2 = 117. 75 pH

Computation for mark up price: 4. XX = 8. 004 19. XX = 79. 003 18. XX sox 1 35 x 1 55. 50 1 30. 00 1 35. 00 Total PH. 207. 5 14. 00 x 2 = 28 Total PH. 235.

The markup price is computed by multiplying the cost of produced items to the set mark up percentage. 117. 75 x 25% = 29. 4 is now the markup price for the product.

Final Setting of Price Selling

Price Mark up price Price of the Product V. Place 117. 75 + 29. 5 147. 15 pH.

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