Marketing Plan for Swatch Watch

Last Updated: 25 May 2023
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This marketing plan is prepared to explain the goals and objectives of a dedicated marketing function within The Swatch Group when The Swatch Group exports Natural Sign Swatch Watch to Malaysia. This plan draws on the experience of marketing professionals in this industry as well as professionals in the advertising, marketing, and community relations disciplines of the private sector. The target market is for youngsters aged between 18 years old to 25 years and the price is $50. The goals of The Swatch Group marketing organization are to:

  • Provide necessary and useful information to customers and potential customers to enable easier use and understanding of this watch.
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  • Successfully merchandise this watch.

Population and Society

Malaysia has a population of about 22 million. It is a multi-racial country whose social integration has become a model for the rest of the world. Almost 80% of the total population lives in the Peninsular. (Washington D.C.: Central Intelligence Agency, 2000) The lifestyle here is progressively becoming more and more modern with great exposure to western culture.

Many Malaysian youngsters do enjoy their night- outings to discos and bars. (Washington D. C.: Central Intelligence Agency, 2000) Geographical: Malaysia is generally warm throughout the year with temperatures ranging from 210 C to 320 C in the lowlands. However, this can be as low as 160 C in the highlands. Annual rainfall is heavy at 2, mm (100 inches). Generally, Malaysia has two distinct seasons. The dry season occurs during the southwest monsoon from May and September. The northeast monsoon brings the rainy season to the country during id-November till March.

Marketing Plan for Swatch Watch

The National Language and main official language in Malaysia is Bases Malaysia and the second official language is English. Other major languages used are Chinese and Tamil. As a result, The Swatch Group needs to has promotions and catalog books that with these two main languages-Bases Malaysia and English. (Washington D. C.: Central Intelligence Agency, 2000)

Economic analysis

Distribution of Population

Due to the cultural analysis above, this watch can be concentrate selling in the urban such as CLC, Lot 10 Shopping Center, etc. And also suburban such as One Tama, etc. (swatch GAG, 2004)

Economic Statistic and Activity

In Malaysia, the rate of growth (real GAP) is 4. 1%, and the personal income per capita is $8800 in the year 2002. Therefore, the inflation rate (consumer price) is 2. 8% in the year 1999. By this information, The Swatch Group can set up the price of this watch and $50 is appropriate. (The World Fastback, 2003) Channel of Distribution

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