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Marketing Plan for Silent Hair Drier

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Customer Perception: How many times have you been woken up in the wee hours of the morning because your girlfriend/wife feels that this is the right time to dry her hair? This is a daily problem in households all over the world. Collaborating our innovation with latest technology, We at EX. have developed the solution, Our Very own BBC hair dryer. It is the MAC of hair dryers. Its stylish, effective, southing for your ears , gentle on your hair for daily use and easy to use.

This latest gadget is the need of the hour for every peaceful household. It has a 0% chance of becoming obsolete. We have conducted a market research on 1000 random customers and found that 98% of this survey group are willing to buy our hair dryer and are willing to pay more for it than the regular one. We plan to sell the product initially at a high price as we our sure to attract a huge customer base that will soon turn to loyal customers. We know that our product is new and the customer base would be worried about the durability and quality.

As an introductory offer we also provide a x months free replacement warranty no questions asked. We would face tough competition from the existing hair dryers from the market and hence we have added all the features so that the product appeals to the consumer. Communications We will leverage social media and word of mouth for the vast majority of our marketing using platforms such as Twitter, Faceable, Rework and Namespace. These platforms are widely used by the customers in our demographic market.

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We will cake announcements via regular tweets and updates to our fan page on Faceable. Distribution Channels Reaching senior marketing executives is typically done through a variety of means. Since we have limited resources and need to manage our finances very effectively, we will focus on two: advertising and networking. The advertising will primarily be online via search engine ads so we can see the results within days instead of not knowing whether a print ad has any effect. Marketing Plan for Silent Hair Drier By Elizabeth. Ben]main. 12177

Marketing Plan for Silent Hair Drier essay

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