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Demarcus Spears Wei Chen ENGL. 1013 5-3-10 Drinking Age According to “Why Do Adolescents Drink” internet source teens believe drinking is the way to avoid the real world. They tend to think that it avoids stress related problems and peer pressure from others. Yet some people feel they are well old enough, and should be treated as an adult when it comes to drinking or lowering the drinking age to eighteen. Standing up going against lowering the drinking age is the way to stand because it is the wrong proposal to agree on for lowering it.

The current drinking age should stay at twenty-one because eighteen year olds are not mature enough to consume alcohol and be able to be responsible for what happens. Many eight-teen year olds bodies are affected physically because they are not ready for the consumption of alcohol. If they began to drink at such an early age, alcohol can cause memory lapses, loss of coordination and slower reflexes. Alcohol is absorbed in the bloodstream and can damage every organ in the body. At eight-teen life is just begging and to suffer from one of the many long term complications it offers would be devastating at that age.

Teens would not be able to play sports, remember child hood stories to someday tell or you could end up in the hospital constantly on machines. At eight-teen teen should maintain a healthy diet to a longer healthier life. Drinking at the age of eighteen or younger could cause many long-term complications as well. Some of these effects include neurological dangers, cardio logical problems, respiratory dangers, liver disease, and psychological dangers. Dangers that include impaired vision, memory effects, and seizures that could lead to permanent damage to the brain.

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Damages also include respiratory depression and failure. Additionally alcohol increases the risk of mouth and throat cancer which could lead to bad effects. Cardio logical problems include elevated blood pressure and an increase on the heart rate. Liver disease can also be cause by chronic alcohol abuse. Other physiological dangers include damage to the gastrointestinal system. Alcohol can cause deteriorate relationships with family, friends and co- workers. So ask yourself again at eighteen are you prepared to suffer the long-term complications at such an early age somewhere down your age line if starting to soon.

Every twenty-two minutes someone dies in an alcohol-related accident that relates to many reasonable mental issues. Figuring the all a high number of those deaths and accidents come in the fifteen to twenty- four age group. Statistics show that seventy percent of all teenagers drink alcohol yet sixty percent of all teen deaths in cars are alcohol related. Young drivers are involved in driving accidents at higher rates than older drivers. Teens tend to be inexperienced drivers and inexperienced consumers of alcohol.

With the information provided, if the age of alcohol were to be lowered, more teen deaths would occur much higher due to the drunken driving issue. Many teens today drop out of school due to the issue of alcohol abuse to the brain. Alcohol abuse is an excessive use of alcohol and alcoholic drinks in which has no reason to drink. A great amount of our teens are dropping out of school due to the use of alcohol. Some students who tend to drink may show up at school thinking it is cool to show it off. Then what happens is they encourage others to do the same and it creates more teens to want to become cool so they try it.

What they don’t know is alcohol could become an addiction and create mental issues as of giving up on class work. Maybe not even attending class thinking it is cool. Or maybe even doing things you would do if you were not drunk. After awhile many students would think going other places such as jobs, interviews, public places would be the best way to go if you were drunk. So drinking at the age of a teen may cause them to drop out I see because their mind is not strong enough to do the right thing when under the influence of alcohol. Some teens become frustrated and think it is the only way to go.

Alcohol could also lead to the use of drugs which is a weak mind way and could lead to mental stages as well. At eighteen it is illegal to buy alcohol and if you are a daily drinker how else would people be able to get that same feeling if you were drunk. Teens could begin to become frustrated and need a back-up. Drugs such as marijuana, heroin is both illegal but yet people still use them as if they were legal. There is not an age limit for buying drugs. As a young teen under the influence of alcohol they have no control in what they do.

So drinking with a group of friends may lead to an act of them doing drugs they have been doing in the past to a new alcoholic that’s a teen wants to try. Now days it becomes worse because they populations has grown an more teens are following the wrong foot steps in the wrong path and takes them off track an before they know it it will be too late and they have come addicted to using a drug that never occurred to them until alcohol was brought to the picture. Just thinking of using alcohol or drugs to solve problems that have other ways around it is just not the way to go.

So do not make the choice to start drinking because it will get very much out of hand before even noticed and may lead to many more dangerous stunts and accidents that we do not want to come across in the future. Lowering the drinking age could lead to mental stages such as committing suicide as well. Committing suicide is the easiest way out some teens may vary to see. Teens that tend to drink around other friends that are not big fans of drinking makes them become anti-social and make that group of people not want to hang with one particular person because he or she drinks.

Before you know it the person who was singled out because of drinking may come to the senses of no one wanting to be around them. The teen drinker with such a week mind may endeavor that no one wants him around so he tends to lose focus on doing what’s best for them. Most teens often think if no one wants them around that committing suicide is the best way to handle it but it’s not. There are other ways around it like counseling and other obstacles. So lowering the drinking age would not be good because it could lead to senseless minds in teens and make them lose control and do something that is not worth it.

The number of death rates would increase in teens and cause more pain to families. Teens are just not responsible enough to know that drinking could lead to hazardous deaths and changes in the body and make you keep having an instinct on committing such things that you thought you would never come to. However, many people today believe that if at eighteen you are old enough to join the army why should not you be able to buy alcohol at that age. Some people believe that fighting is better than just sitting around drinking as a teen is the right way to go if you have to.

Lowering the drinking age to eighteen will make people feel way more comfortable to just walk in the liquor store and buy alcohol. Instead as a teen drinking alcohol just takes it slowly down but is killing the inside of the body physically. Fighting in the army shows that a eighteen year old is dedicated to fight for his country showing honor. Drinking for no reason at eighteen is not showing honor it is showing ignorance. As it mean the law could be made but what teen is going to abide by it and not drink at the age of eighteen.

If they are doing things besides listening to the law if it has not stopped now what would make it in the future. The talk upon the media would just be against making what is right better. But knowing that fighting at eighteen is a totally different thing at drinking at eighteen because people do not seem to understand the known facts of why fighting is more important. The drinking age should not be lowered no matter how much facts they have put to be proven because it is not going to stop young eighteen year olds to stop killing their bodies for no reason.

Some parents would seriously think lowering it would harm society as well maybe because they have children out there that could be influenced at some young age and it could reduce life expand over one small drink leading to a couple more which could lead to trying more and more. So parents would agree more with being able to join the army than lowering the drinking age maybe. Some may be for lowering but everyone has their own opinion and the freedom of speech. If they believe eighteen year olds are old enough and responsible enough to buy alcohol then let it be.

But they should think of how much more trouble it would cause if this happens. The drinking age should be change to twenty-five if more people had say so because most twenty-one year olds are not even mature enough with alcohol until this day. In conclusion, the age for drinking should not be lowered to eighteen. It is quite clear that an eighteen year old is not clearly mature enough to consume any alcohol at that age. Their bodies are not fully developed to hold as much alcohol. More drinking and driving accidents may occur more often.

Many more teens would make it through school without the alcohol killing their brains. An eighteen year old is not near as responsible because it would make them do things they should not be doing. Agreeing or Disagreeing makes no differences in this argument. Having principles bagging up your information as of why the drinking age should be lowered to eighteen. It could cause many more problems in the economy. This economy has been destroyed enough due to the typical issues that have been brought to this world because of unofficial details explaining why such a thing has to be done.

Laws have been set to standards that the age twenty-one should be kept instead of eighteen. Just as it was mentioned earlier committing suicide is not what we need to be dealing with. It is one of the main causes of teen deaths so why would you consider lowering the age drinking what more harm do we need. So as we can see the drinking age is at it moderate level and should not be changed due to controversy reasons. Today people are very influenced by any type of easy way out and we should not base it on alcohol because of the numbering of alcohol drinks of teen accidents and the rate of taking a last drink leading to death.

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