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Marketing Plan Bo’s Coffee

INTRODUCTION Perhaps one of the most commonly traded commodities, one of the most closely monitored and understandably one of the products revered with much affection. Coffee has been an integral part of the Filipino’s life. Coffee, along with sugar and rice, is probably found in every household in the Philippines regardless of socio-economic status.

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Coffee has been made synonymous with morning rituals, afternoon breaks and hospitality, it would never do to run out of the deep brown brew especially when company was around.

Very recently, another image of coffee was introduced into the minds of Filipinos. Coffee as a social symbol. This trend was induced by the proliferation of coffee shops where people can buy coffee and consume it in an atmosphere optimized for its ultimate enjoyment. These coffee shops have become the new temples and common houses for the public, mixing the strong brew with a hodge-podge of different sensory experiences and good vibes. This paper concentrates on the conduct of one such coffee shop.

One that was the first of its kind in the South, providing for the citizens of Cebu a coffee experience akin to that abroad. Coffee Centrale, The Bean Co. Inc. , more commonly known as “Bo’s Coffee Club,” has recently set its sights on the NCR market after a successful seven-year run in the Visayas-Mindanao region. The Paper seeks to provide a bold and aggressive Marketing Plan to help the company spread its wings and assert itself as a significant player in an industry dominated by foreign franchises.

The Paper is based on a Usage, Attitude and Image study to better understand what exactly people find appealing in their choice of coffee shops. It is complemented by research that is ensured accurate and up-to-date to glean valuable insight into the lives and perspectives of the target market. The researchers advise strategies shown in this Paper based on current research and careful analysis. Detailed action plans will then be presented, outlining how each of these operational strategies can be fulfilled with the greatest positive financial and competitive benefit to the subject firm.