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In order to cope with the changing business environment, different companies are trying to consider changes in their management system by considering innovations in terms of the business processes. One of the organizations that seek improvement on their company operation is Riordan Manufacturing. Herein, the company aims to improve their inventory and manufacturing processes through specific systems change. This improvement is requested in order to cope with the challenges and issues facing traditional inventory and manufacturing approach. These changes tend to be implemented on all branches and locations of the Riordan Manufacturing.

In this change approach, the company is considering to use computer system integrated with information system to become more efficient, flexible and responsive to the need of their target market. For this change management approach, the company is expected to establish a new information system management that would efficiently handles the inventory and manufacturing approach of the entire company and its branches. Herein, the improvement of the system includes the improvement of existing quality control system of Riordan manufacturing since it can be able to shift in quality control perspectives.

Through this new system, the company can be able to inspect the step by step approach of product that includes the evaluation in times of material purchase, delivery of the products, inventory and supply processing as compared to the current system that the company is using (Phelps, 2004). For this change management approach, the company will seek the need of information technology and system experts that will help them know the most appropriate and suitable information system that they use.

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This change expects to improve the computer system of the inventory and manufacturing approach of the company (Sousa, 2003). In order to ensure that this change will be successful, the stakeholders that will be involved in the process includes the information technology department and staff of the company, consultant hired to know which information system will be suitable for the company, the project manager and other employees involved in inventory and manufacturing system of the company.

Reference Phelps, T. (2004). Building a lean supply chain. Manufacturing Engineering, 132(4), 107-114. Sousa, R. (2003). Linking quality management to manufacturing strategy: An empirical investigation of customer focus practices. Journal of Operations Management, 21(1), 1-18 Sousa, 2003).

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