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They are a company they will strive to keep focus on what is important and to continue to create trainees as they are needed to continue to compete against rivals they have and to show how they can perform. Ordain Manufacturing is a company focused on being the leader in manufacturing polymer materials for companies like automotive and aircraft parts manufacturers and beverage makers and bottlers. Achieving and maintaining a healthy profit helps the company ensure that they have enough financial strength, and the right amount of employees available for sustained growth.

Based on what they currently manufacture and market to and their goals the company Is Implementing a differentiation focus strategy. In the differentiation focus strategy, Ordain alms to set themselves apart from any competitors within all of their target market segments. The specialized needs of these segments mean that there are opportunities to provide products that differ from competitors who may be trying to target a broader group of customers. Ordain has already made some strides in expanding their operations globally with the acquisition of the China plant in 2000.

The company should continue using the differentiation focus strategy to improve the innovation and sustainability of the business. If Ordain stays on track with providing new polymer products to meet the current and future needs of its customers as well as attracting new clients with those Innovations. It will help to ensure the future success of the company. Ordain Manufacturing Is a worldwide plastics manufacturer that employs more than 500 people. Ordain manufactures products such as plastic beverage containers, custom plastic parts in its plants in China.

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The company's mission incorporates in remaining a leader in the plastic industry and staying focused on identifying industry trends (Ordain Manufacturing, 2012). Ordain promised to produce quality by exercising Six Sigma ideas and surpassing ISO 9000 standards allowing the corporation to produce the remedy for customers' requests instead of the problem. The achievement of Ordain Manufacturing rests within its knowledgeable employees and braced by an innovative and team openness work environment.

The first key factor that provides Ordain a competitive advantage Is Its strategic planning. Strategic planning permits the company to malting a competitive advantage above Its competitors because the organization have the knowledge track trends and produce new and creative reduces. Ordain Corporation offers innovative products to companies in the meal Title Ana Department AT Detente. I Nils Detent TTS ten company Dye performing business as a one-stop company for customers who have several demands.

Ordain research and development team produces unique designs and merchandises produced for the future such as a pyramid shaped bottle. The pyramid bottle revolutionized the industry, as Ordain possesses exclusivity (Ordain Manufacturing, 2012). Developing a special product like the pyramid bottle permits the Ordain Company to sustain a competitive advantage. One more initiative for the company comprise of establishing environmentally friendly practices within the corporation.

As the pressure to be environmentally friendly rises, Ordain has tackled the challenge and created a plan to aid the environment. Like Wall-Mart, going green is a movement forward with concern to Radian's social obligation and becoming environmentally friendly holds benefits for plastics companies. Areas that Radian's business strategy would be affected in the global market would be creating a PEST analysis to determine different aspects of the area they were considering expanding. A PEST analysis is an analysis of the environment's politics, their economy, and any technological trends in the area.

Global marketing plans would be key elements in a global strategy. The plan would decide on the countries and even the means to concentrate their activities. Building up good loyal customer support would be involved in these activities. Ordain would also have to investigate the financial aspect of global expansion. The company would have to determine that the necessary funds would be available for the expansion and also that the necessary employees would be available for training purposes in the new country.

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