42-year-old Veteran Goes Back to College for Job Offer

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To Mrs.. Rattail and the entire Business Communications class. My name is and I'm a 42 year old veteran, musician and constitutional activist. I'm single, which allows me plenty of time to dedicate myself to school, my music and an Important cause that I believe In. I began earning my college education about two years ago. They say It's never too late to go back to school and in this case, without a doubt I have to agree. My Initial motivation to enroll in college was a Job offer I received at a wedding. The V. P. F Operations over heard me speaking to a group of people I had Just met.

He was Impressed enough that he extended an offer that if I earned a general business degree I would be hired at a digital communications and software design firm. The decision was easy on my part. I enrolled two days later. The Job he offered came with a handsome starting salary and benefits that will surely be beneficial due to the significant changes in the health care system. Before receiving the job offer. The thought of going to college had really never crossed my mind. I was born in Ohio but moved around a lot due to my father's career as an Army Special Forces Green Beret.

He was an officer and was usually offing some third world country on some secret mission. Being raised on Army bases influenced me enough adjoin the US Navy in 1990. Three generations before me fought in a war and so it was almost a fulfillment of destiny that I fought in the Persian Gulf War in 1990. Being raised on Army bases and my own tour to duty was significant in shaping me Into the person I am today. These elite experiences have been paramount In beefing the direction In which I currently find myself headed In today. M an activist who fights for the cause of teaching people the Importance of preserving the constitution and the principles It represents. I have worked in many places and known many people throughout the world. These experiences have provided at least a portion of the communication skills needed In business. It has also helped me in spreading the word for a Just cause. I've always enjoyed talking with people, especially someone I'm Just meeting for the first time A gift of persuasion helps fine who I am. This opportunity I have to earn my degree in Business is one that I detonate lightly.

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Not only will my education give me a career and meaner to retire, but it has also opened doors in my personal life and helped give me the tools to fight for what I believe in which to me and many others is a noble, Just and prudent cause. I've met and networked with others with the same philosophy in life. This was made possible through the web design course and Microsoft Office classes I took in order to earn my degree. Being educated has put me further into the circle of people that I feel are important in helping me network this agenda.

Currently my work is posted on the Internet through a website I built. Legibility's. Com has information about the constitution and links to other sites with information meant to inform those who believe In American Liberty. The cause Is for freedom that the constitution affords all Americans. The Amendments defined by civil liberty and the right of peaceful civil disobedience, assembly, religion and speech. The purpose Is to educate those who will listen about the American philosophy that Is being forgotten and that so many have sacrificed their lives defending.

My Associates degree in Business Management of life. In this assignment, the use of internal and formal communications has been utilized as the structure of this paper is directed towards informing the audience of my personal background and interests, both on a personal and professional level (Till, 2009). The information contained within speaks truth and is straight forward and to the point. The main points are easily understood and read without errors. I have also provided a link to my website if anyone has interest in learning about this important cause.

The only barriers in this presentation could possibly be that the information may be read with distractions such as noise from those who' may disagree with my point of view concerning freedom being traded for security (Till, 2009). If distractions occur at the time this is being presented there could be messages competing to be heard. There also could be too many filters if this essay isn't presented so that everyone understands it's purpose; which is to inform the audience about it's intended purpose of introducing myself and my interests.

I have made this essay simple and easy to comprehend with the intention of allowing the audience to make a decision about weather or not to find out more about the cause that many have forgot in all essence, protects their way of life. To learn more about the constitution visit http://www. Legibility's. Com Sincerely

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