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Korean confucianism

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Confucianism is defined as “an intellectual, political, and religious tradition, or school of though, that developed a distinct identity in the 5th Century BC from the teachings of Chinese philosopher Confucius” (“Confucianism,” 2005). It began in China and is now widely accepted in different parts of Asia such as Korea, Japan, and Vietnam (“Confucianism,” 2005).

There are five moral disciplines which are given to govern the five human relationships. They are as follows: (a) Justice and righteousness should mark the relations between sovereign and subject; (b) There should be proper rapport between father and son; (c) Separation of function between husband and wife; (d) The younger should give precedence to the elder; and (e) Faith and trust should reign over relationships between friends (“Korean Confucianism,” n.d.).

Confucianism has pervaded Korea and the country has been labeled as one of the most dedicated followers despite the fact that it started in China (“Korean Confucianism,” n.d.). In line with the foregoing statement, it is not surprising that I adhere and respect the teachings of Korean Confucianism. However, it is to be noted that modernity has also swept over the country of Korea and has changed some aspects of the people’s adherence to Confucianism.

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I carry with me the value and respect for the government as the authority that has the power over the country. That is the reason why I abide by the rule of law and the policies and decisions made by the government. Moreover, I respect the relationship between the younger and the elder together with the responsibilities that comes with it. For the elders, I give them due respect and for the younger, I carry authority and responsibility over them. I see to it that generations before me and my ancestors are given respect both living and dead. In addition to this, the closeness of the family and the respect for the relationships of one another is always borne in my mind and in my heart.


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