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Kiffe Kiffe Tomorrow

Kiffe Kiffe Tomorrow tells a very radical and lonely story of an Arabian that is faced with hard struggles in life. After her father left them for another woman, Doria’s world was crushed and she became pessimistic. But above all that pessimism lies a hope for a better life for her and her mother.

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After her father left them for another woman, Doria began to lose hope and became unhopeful. Since then many social workers were adamant to try and help them (Guene).

The catalyst for Doria to have a very pessimistic view in life is the fact that her father left them in a slum for another woman back in their homeland. Moreover, the fact that her mother is illiterate and that they have to work many jobs just to satisfy their very needs added to the feeling of hopelessness that she felt. Since that kind of life dawned upon them, Doria has to face the truth about her life. Many psychologists began to offer their help to Doria but she seemed to move away from them. She does not appreciate their assistance or help.

The efforts of the psychologists and social workers were not very helpful in changing young Doria’s outlook in life. When Madame Burlaud showed her pictures as attest, Doria thought that it was funny and described her actions as like in a dog.

With this kind of reaction and analogy that Doria gave, it seems that she does not want help from any of them. It is just sad that she feels this way because personally, even though I have not met any social worker, I believe that they have the best interest for a person. Doria is very firm that they their attempts are just futile but, in reality, she really needs all the help in the world. Moreover, the fact that she does not have very good roles and influences around her shapes her points of view in life. Being strong is good but sometimes; admitting that we are weak is even a stronger deed.

In my opinion, Doria will not have that good life that she dreams of if she continues to reject all the positive criticisms and influences around her. Just like what is stated above, she needs a more positive outlook in life. Foremost, the social workers could have given them a more suitable place to live in because all these negative thoughts that is cooked up in her mind is an indirect product of  her environment.

She needs to first find a healthy environment for both of them. Afterwards, she should go to school to earn her degree so that she can find a good job. Doria and her mother will have a stronger and meaningful bond if she will just accept all the good offers that these caring people give.

Regarding the reading assignment, the author has indeed a point when he stated that the minority ethnic groups in France refuse to be integrated in their culture (Hargreaves). Moreover, he stated that the bigger blame should be on the government’s “integration policies” for the country’s minority ethnic group (Hargreaves). The minority groups refuse to cooperate with the government for many reasons and because of these, it became a reason for riots to occur all over the country.

This fact is evident in the narration of Guene; wherein the protagonist from her book refuses to be “integrated” to the French system. This news is very racist and ethnocentric in nature. I believe that the French government has something good in stored for the ethnic minority groups in their country; but because of pride, nationalism and even religion, these groups refuses to act on it because they are all so proud of their roots.

But I believe that peace can be attained from these conflicts if both parties will respect the decision of each other. Both parties can have a benefit from each one if they will able to make some very good policies that will benefit the larger portion of the groups. I believe that more than love, respect and understanding should be instilled for all the leaders of the minority ethnic groups and the politicians to attain a very good goal.

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