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Does the writer's Introduction and first few paragraphs get your attention to continue reading? Explain. Yes, the writer Immediately Jumps into a tangible story rather than going through statistics and legal matters. The story was horrifying enough to continue. B. Are there any Blvd sections of this feature story? If so, briefly summarize and explain Its effect on you as a reader. If you did not find any memorable sections, what would you suggest the writer do on a second draft to correct this? The first story was very vivid to me.

The story about the girl, Zoe, who sakes up naked and confused in a mans bed and eventually goes to brunch with him when she eventually hears from a friend that that is one fraternity's Joking goal called "broncobuster". It stood out to me because many young women do not even consider what happened to Zoe legitimate rape, however this happens to Chic State students every weekend. Many people may feel that the manner in which Zoe went about shedding light onto the situation is excessive and annoying but this is a mindset that she was trying to change.

Zoe was trying to show other girls that no matter how small the situation seems, there Is no harm In fighting for Justice. This article also vividly displayed the Justice system at Zoo's university, Whitman. I was shocked to hear that during her appeal that she sat before the same Jury that had prosecuted her the first time. C. Do you think this writer presented a fair and accurate account of these incidents on the college campus? Explain what she did right or wrong.

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Yes, I believe that the writer had explained evenly the schools policy mixed into the stories. I did not even feel as if the stories were written abashedly; only to convey pure facts of what had happened. I was able to feel the exhausting Journey of the girl with my own thoughts and stereotypes. D. If you could ask the reporter one question feature story what would it be? What would have been the consequences if Zoe would have waited a long amount of time before reporting the rape? A.

Although Machete refers to books, what can you use to help change or hone your mindset when It comes to writing first drafts? It helps to remember that first drafts will always be "slow and clumsy' and to no get discouraged. Later, the other drafts will go by much quicker and from their confidence will increase. I feel it is hard to write firsts drafts because you start from nothing in your mind and you have to focus it into something actually tie large; you have to think as you go. But this is not always a bad thing. B.

Why do you think people try to get things right the first time when it comes to writing? Could it be that they get frustrated? Do they not have enough time to revise? Could there be other reasons? Writing is different than any other subject, there is never any right answers. Every mind is its own universe so it can be very hard to tell how others will perceive your writing. Sentence structure and inflection can be among the hardest subject to convey within writing. This is why It may be easier to get things written own without overthrowing It.

I know from past experiences that the times I spend cramming and spending three or four hours writing one paper Is worse than spreading It out overtime and looking at the piece day by day with fresh eyes. C. Have you had any experiences with trying to find and use a better word? Machete you think about this practice? I will always have problems widening my writing vocabulary. Even when I learn a new word it can be hard to know whether it is appropriate in a certain context. I agree with Machete's box practice because I believe that it can reduce redundancy in papers.

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