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Kfc – the Best Fast-Food Restaurant

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EBA203 UI -:Nguy? n Xuan Luan: 100035 [pic] 1. Why is KFC famous? Kentucky Fried Chicken, better known as KFC, is the largest chicken restaurant KFC is an internationally fast food industry in the world. KFC began with Colonel Harland Sanders, in America in the year 1939. They have the main ambition to increase & maintain the quality in fast food industry. Their aim is to capture the fast food market. Every day, more than 12 million customers are served at KFC restaurants in 109 countries and territories around the world more than 15,000 units around the world.

When you try to experience with the services, the qualities, the taste, the price and the conveniences in KFC’s restaurants, you can find that the successes of KFC in worldwide market isn’t random. It relate closely to many factors, such as brand development strategy, strategic of management, development of human resources and the particular secret of KFC is market strategy in the environment "International Culture" • Quality is the number one. In addition kfc famous brand, there are many other fast food brands besides like: Lotteria .. etc.

The reason why KFC can rise leading full of fierce competition due to continuously improve product quality and service quality, the quality of raw materials. In addition, KFC through reputable agencies such as the World Health Organization (WHO) certification testing and using chicken is fully cooked to ensure hygienic; KFC also through the mass media committed to 100% KFC chicken products sold are processed at high temperatures during the period from 2 minutes 30 seconds to 14 minutes 30 seconds, so consumers can feel secure Customer dung.

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Khach Centre not only enjoy quality service at the restaurant, but also can enjoy the food service brought to you quickly, hygiene, punctuality, service personnel with a caring attitude affable and polite [pic][pic] • Select the correct location to store construction program of action Location is an important factor leading business in the field of food and drinks, especially fast food. The selected location is not only a prerequisite, "golden key" to decide the success of the brand but also the premise and foundation for brand can provide standard services, single simple and professional.

Therefore, KFC attaches great importance to the selection of sites for a fast food restaurant. Often, KFC selected locations to be approved by two levels, local companies and corporations. The probability of success in the site selection process KFC business almost reached 100%. Once through market surveys seriously, KFC always choose the big city is the target market to develop supply store. [pic][pic] • Flavor featured, affordable Crispy lemon chicken is seasoned by lemon fiber sprinkled all chicken pieces makes the dish more delicious, more attractive.

Diners as awaken all the senses at the same time, from straw yellow chicken pieces to the aromatic smell of spices prepared meticulously and when finished enjoying brings balance the ease and unforgettable. [pic][pic] In 1939, Sanders has invented a unique Kentucky chicken recipes with 11 ingredients and flavors of different herbs and he called his dish "food replacement meals at home" for family busy family, with very line hopvoi the price of each object income, the portion corresponding to James can replace daily meals but still enough, everyone can enjoy KFC is easy and convenient KFC limit: Besides the convenience of restaurants, there are certain limits. Today, with the development of economy, people tend to be simple fast to meet demand, there are many fast food stores to grow, with new flavors, intense competition with KFC. Also, today, in Asia in general and VET in particular, fast food accounts for 10% of the menu of the people, not the majority as other countries such as: England, United States .... South, people still preferred meal, with the fussy and more nutritious.

Finally, fast food is concentrated in some parts, certain age, can not cover all the subjects, the difference in food culture is also a major obstacle affecting the development of kfc 3. If you are in charge of the KFC brand expansion in Vietnam market I will proceed as follows: a: Market research - building goals Situation Analysis of socio-economic, cultural and Vietnam, the current status of development of the fast food market in Vietnam to have accurate assessment of market size, growth rate and the level of competition on truong.

Phan of the strengths, limitations and dynamics of KFC before and after the implementation of the strategy to penetrate the Vietnamese market. Evaluate the successes and limitations of the Marketing-Mix strategy of KFC in the past, and propose some ideas and measures to KFC continues to maintain its position in the Vietnamese market in the near future . [pic][pic] b. Overview vietnam fast food market Vietnam - a country that ranks as the most populous country in the world, ith a young population structure and economic growth potential is considered as an attractive market for the food business group fast (fast food). According to estimates by market survey company Euromonitor, sales of fast food areas in Vietnam is still modest, from 12. 5 billion in 1999, increased to 19. 6 billion in 2002, fell to 13. 5 billion winter 2004 and from 16 billion in 2007 to approximately 20. 1 billion in 2009. Only about 10% of the population have used fast food habits.

This number is too small compared with neighboring countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, China, India has more than 70% of consumers eat fast food at least one time / month. And about 90% of the number of Vietnamese consumers are not familiar with the fast food will provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs to exploit. In short, if I was manager in charge of expansion kfc Vietnam, in the current era of knowledge economy, ahead of the competition is extremely fierce and fierce international market, to develop the brand, businesses need to focus on improving the quality of services, ranging from visible to invisible. pplication of advanced marketing strategies, particularly marketing strategy in environments with "culture", to the consumers living in different cultures, whether China, Japan and Vietnam are remembered this brand even once. In the context of globalization, modern businesses need to pay special attention to the integration of culture; focuses on developing marketing strategies such as strengthening cultural product development, brand building, building develop corporate culture, at the same time, in the fierce competition of the market, faced with the concept of different values ?? f each object, each ethnic group, businesses need to know to apply flexible strategies sales marketing strategy, which can stand on the international market, creating a powerful breakthrough in the process of brand development business. [pic][pic] [pic][pic] Some of my work here is all. students for submission

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