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KFC Headquarters

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Under the global expansion plan; KFC has scanned across the globe for its outlets, franchises, and thus the business. The paper will briefly analyse the strategy, human capital and the organisation, which are been controlled by the KFC Headquarters. In the fast food industry KFC has a benchmark of having more than 11,000 outlets over 80 countries across the world. In the US itself, the company is tagged with its sister restaurants serving from popular chains; cutting the additional establishment cost in the home country and diverting the fund for the international expansion.

Presently it is holding the world’s largest restaurant system with more than 32,500 KFC in more than 100 countries including existing and expanded business (KFC, 2009). In the product issue the company is famous for its paper packaging that is mainly done by Thomas. The product also holds the menu items that include the famous chicken menu, fillers, burgers, finger foods, side dishes, kebab, etc. KFC is famous for its fried chicken menu, but outside US it serves beef too.

Though the company is not sure about how China will react on economic slowdown but much of its earning and growth is well projected in the Chinese economy. In the promise land of China, it is expanding new products like, breakfast at KFC and experimental East Dawning to serve local Chinese food. This manifests the expanding market of KFC with customised products to serve the market, which has wide different from that of its homeland. This is how the company stands out from its competitors and makes the signature position to be the world’s largest restaurant chain.

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The core competencies behind this are the gaining of recognition through creativity, diversity in the workplace and serving everybody something new (Cattlenetwork, 2008). Behind this achievement there is a strong organisation working. KFC thrives in the form of a divisional structure of Yum! Brand Inc. Its structure is so prepared that it generates and offer employment to a large group of people, where the working condition is especially good for the senior executives. KFC is liable to control, plan and make decisions to create recognition and revenue to Yum! Brands.

Diversity in the work place is the forte of the open minded organisation culture. It also practices the team spirit in their work that promotes unity. It is known for its relationship building within the company, its employee and customers (Equine Kingdom, 2006). Analysing the international mentality of KFC, it clearly rules out the ethnocentric orientation of the company, where it could have worked as it is in the homeland. Rather it is geocentric, which focuses on the global expansion and value the local culture, like introduction of local Chinese food at East Dawning (Karadjova-Stoev and Mujtaba, 2009).

The key figures that spearheads the concept of this booming business are, James O'Reilly, Chief Marketing Officer, Roger Eaton, President and Laura Schalow, Director Public Relations based in KFC's Louisville, KY Headquarter (Hoovers, 2009). Like all other companies KFC too have country managers in its different locations. The deployment of the same has a great impact to tackle the business in different region as the person is in charge of the particular regional business developments. It is also the responsibility of the country managers to understand the local cultural aspects for the brand building effort.

The revenue that comes from this business dynamics of the regional operation across the globe, counts the personnel solution of the international operation. Primarily it is important to be a local figure of different regions, finally to become an international one.


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