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Introduction of Kfc

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Harland David Sanders was a founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), who was born September 9, 1890 in Indiana, USA. He is the man popularly known as the face and logo of KFC.

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Introduction of Kfc

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. In past, there were many travellers stopped at his service station wanting snacks and food. The Colonel saw this as a business opportunity and decided to offer food to these customers.

The Colonel enjoyed making his customers happy – he loved about entertaining them with excellent food and outstanding service. Harland David Sanders was testing for many years to find the right combination of ingredients, Kentucky Fried Chicken recipe blends of 11 herbs and spices, he was truly satisfied that he had created the best chicken he had ever tasted – he wanted to share it with the world! The Colonel decided that his Original Recipe needed to be introduced to people further from his home and from his state.

At the age of 66, he started selling his idea of Kentucky Fried Chicken by travelling from town to town, preparing his famous chicken recipe for restaurants and their employees. By the early 70's, that special recipe reached Malaysia. Today, KFC Malaysia continues to serve finger lickin' good, juicy pieces of chicken. The flavourful blends of 11 herbs and spices give KFC's delicious aroma. With the chicken's natural juices sealed-in, leaving a unique mouth watering taste that cannot be replaced.

Today there are more than 500 KFC Restaurants nationally and still counting. It is one of the largest fast food corporations in the world. Great tasting chicken has become identical with KFC and Malaysian has enjoyed from the time when. The Original Recipe of 11 Herbs and Spices is one of the biggest secrets in the world until now - “the Finger Lickin Taste” like a mark for KFC

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