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About KFC History

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KFC began with Colonel Harland Sanders. He discovered his penchant for cooking when he was only 9 years old. Through the years he grew up to become a personage the world knows as Colonel Sanders, founder of KFC. He reached celebrity status in 1952 when he decided to franchise his famous Kentucky Fried Chicken recipe blends of 11 herbs and spices to the rest of America. By the early '70s, that special recipe reached Malaysia. Today, KFC Malaysia continues to serve finger-licking' good, succulent pieces of chicken.

The flavourful blends of 11 herbs and spices give KFC's delicious aroma. With the chicken's natural juices sealed-in, leaving a special mouth-watering taste that cannot be replaced. KFC prides itself as a fast-food restaurant that gives customers great-tasting chicken with a selection of home-styled side dishes and desserts to make a wholesome, complete, and satisfying meal. The first KFC restaurant was opened in 1973 on Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman. Today there are more than 390 KFC Restaurants nationwide and still counting. Great tasting chicken has become synonymous with KFC and has been enjoyed by Malaysians ever since. In fact, KFC Malaysia has developed a distinctive Malaysian personality of its own.

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  • 1890 - It all began with the dream of one man, Colonel Harland D. Sanders. Born on 9 September 1890.
  • 1896 - At 6, after Dad passed away, the Colonel started cooking for his family, as Mom went to work.
  • 1930s - The Colonel held many different jobs before he started cooking for hungry travelers at his service station in Corbin, Kentucky at age 40. His fried chicken was so good. He started a restaurant across the street.
  • 1939 - At 50, the Colonel perfected his Original Recipe chicken with his secret blend of 11 herbs and spices, pressure-cooked to seal in the chicken's flavourful goodness. He was made an honorary "Kentucky Colonel".
  • 1950s - Colonel Sanders traveled across U. S. and Canada by car, restaurant to restaurant, franchising his chicken business at age 65.

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